Can Dogs Eat Prawns?

Shrimps are among the tastiest and most nutritious seafood for humans. But are they safe for fidos?    As long as the shrimps are well prepared, they are safe for dogs.    Read on to know everything about shrimps, fidos, and how to introduce your dog to this delectable delicacy safely.  Can Dogs Eat Shrimps?… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Prawns?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

The current raw dog food movement has many pet owners asking queries like, “What’s the ideal method of storing raw dog food?” and “Can fidos eat raw chicken?”   It’s good that pet owners care so much about their companions’ diet. Dog diets, especially the consumption of raw foods, have been discussed for the past… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Samoyed Dog Breeds

Too huge to be a pomeranian. And too distinct to be anything except a Samoyed. Get to know about this gorgeous hound’s health, grooming requirements, and history.  Quick Facts  Height: 48 – 60cm Lifespan: 12 – 14 years Weight: 20 – 30kg Breed variety: Working Group Country of origin: Siberia, Russia Ideal Breed For:  Dog… Continue reading Samoyed Dog Breeds

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Top Dog Names

After many years of caring for every kind of dog, Pet search has disclosed Australia’s 100 leading Pooch Names.  The list draws inspiration from surprising places like thirst-piquing drinks and names you would find in your Facebook friends lists. This article also outlines Australia’s most popular pooch breeds, which are just as diverse as they’re… Continue reading Top Dog Names

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