The Best Heated Dog Beds

Anyone living in colder northern states will definitely understand how uncomfortable an ice-cold night can be without a heated blanket. With that in mind, it might be time to consider investing in a heated dog bed to keep your furry friend comfortable in winter and during those unexpectedly chilly autumn evenings. You’ll be glad to know that… Continue reading The Best Heated Dog Beds

The Best Dog Life Jacket

If you’ve ever spotted life vests for dogs on sale and wondered why a dog would need a life vest, you’re not alone. Ask just about anyone and they’ll let you know that all dogs are good swimmers and can swim just fine because of their natural instincts. However, this isn’t always the case.  Just like humans, our furry best… Continue reading The Best Dog Life Jacket

Why do Dogs Hate Baths?

Do you have to holler at and chase after your dog before every bath time? If yes then you already know the pains and labor it can take to wash a dog that just hates being bathed. You want to give your dog a bath to clean them up, getting them looking good, and smelling nice… Continue reading Why do Dogs Hate Baths?

Best Food for Puppies

The needs of a puppy are different from the needs of an adult dog. Their bodies are smaller and their body systems are not yet fully developed. They are also highly prone to diseases, which is why their owners should feed them well and give them everything they need. (RECOMMENDED) Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy… Continue reading Best Food for Puppies