The Best Heated Dog Beds

Anyone living in colder northern states will definitely understand how uncomfortable an ice-cold night can be without a heated blanket. With that in mind, it might be time to consider investing in a heated dog bed to keep your furry friend comfortable in winter and during those unexpectedly chilly autumn evenings. You’ll be glad to know that there are so many different pet beds available for small and large dogs and we’re here to help you choose the best. 

Why You Need a Heated Pet Bed

It might seem obvious, though there are a few reasons you might need a heated dog bed and they don’t just involve cold winter nights. Most people see heated dog beds as a splurge or an impractical extra for a pet that already has a fur coat, though, in most conditions the coat isn’t thick enough. In particular, younger and small dogs should always have a heated dog bed to use during the evening when they get cold. 

To Comfort Cold Dogs

If you notice that your dog insists on sleeping in your bed in the evening and digs themselves three layers deep into the blankets, then that’s a tell-tale sign that it’s far too cold for them outside or in the living room. Once you set up a heated or self heating dog bed in your dog’s sleeping area or doghouse, you’ll notice that they’re likely to stay there and not demand to be let in your bed. 

For Older Dog’s Joint Pain

Older dogs are also going to benefit from heated pet beds too, whether it’s cold or not. As we all know, when our dogs get older their joints begin to ache or act up. There’s no better way to soothe these joints and keep blood flowing through the muscles than with a high-quality and dependable heated dog bed. For both evening and daytime relief, a heated pet bed is going to be an effective solution. 

Cold Climates

If you live in a colder climate, a warming bed or thermo mattress is essential. You should have one ready if you’re about to welcome a new puppy to the home or if you want to move your dog from your bed to their own sleeping area. We all like to sleep comfortably so we’re not moody or tired and the same holds true for our dogs. A cold, uncomfortable sleep each night can cause weight gain and create an angry best friend. 

How To Choose the Best Pet Bed

All families and their dogs are going to have different needs. Larger dogs are going to need larger beds and puppies will be more sensitive to the cold and are going to need something adaptable and extra warm. When you go about purchasing a heated pet bed, doghouse or any other pet products you need to keep in mind your dog’s needs as well as yours.

Dog Sizes

As we already know, a larger dog is going to need a heating pad that is a lot bigger than the sort of bed or self-warming lounge sleeper a puppy would use. Get an overall idea of how big your dog is when they’re asleep and their favorite position and factor this in when you purchase your warming bed. They don’t want to be crushing themselves into the doghouse or squishing on to a small pet bed warmer, but they also don’t want too much space either. 

Where Does Your Dog Sleep?

Again, an important preference to keep in mind is where the dog will be sleeping. You don’t want a dog bed that can’t withstand the elements exposed to outdoor dogs. It’s also important to remember that you may want a more powerful heating element for outdoor versions as the weather outside will be harsher than inside. Keep an eye on the usability rules on the dog bed’s box and it will let you know whether outdoor use is possible or not as water-resistant coatings may not be included.

 How About Their Preferences?

As you’ll know, dogs certainly have their own personalities and preferences when it comes to everything from food to their favorite family member. Take a few days to check up on how your dog sleeps and settle on which type of bed will be best for them. You don’t want to choose a doghouse-style bed if they like to lie on their back with their feet in the air or they’ll feel claustrophobic.

Self-warming or Electric Models

There are two major types of heated dog beds to choose from and these are passive self-warming or electric models. The self-warming models are going to be the best option for indoor dogs as they don’t need to be as warm. If your dog likes to sleep outdoors, they’ll need a warmer bed and this is where the electric models come in. Some models will redirect your dog’s body heat back into their body to keep them warm passively, which are great for indoor sleepers too. 

Hygiene and Washability

One important point is how you’ll keep the dog bed clean. If you aren’t able to wash the bed itself, you’ll need to add sheets or a fleece cover over it that are washable. Some modes have removable heat pads or heating elements so that you’re able to wash the mattress separately. 

Pricing and Bed Features

One piece of good news for those with dogs who live in states with cold winters is that there’s something priced for everyone. You can spend anywhere from just $15 to over $100 depending on what your needs are. Always take a look at the features you need, compare them to the price and determine which features fit your needs and a price that fits the wallet. 

Leave the Dog Bed Reviews to Us

To find the best dog bed, we’ve scoured the web to find the top reviewed, most dynamic and feature packed self-warming pet beds and pet mats available. We’ll outline the best heated dog beds for those living in colder climates, with dogs suffering from joint pains or owners wanting to make a space more comfortable you’ll find everything you need below. 

K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper

One of the most versatile dog beds on the market is the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper by K&H. The bed is designed to seamlessly blend into just about any home’s style because of its neutral color tone and smooth fabrics. The bed is a self-heating version that only uses six watts, perfect for saving electricity. A lower heat output and softer design than most other electric versions mean the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper is best for indoor use only or as a cat bed.

When it comes to washability, you’ll be glad to know that everything comes apart that you’d expect. This means all of the cushioning and the heater can be removed giving you free rein to wash all parts of the bed easily, also making it machine washable.

Overall, the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper is the ultimate comfort companion for your dog and will ensure they’re on their way out of your bed and into their own sleeping space. They’ll be kept warm throughout the night as the bed constantly radiates heat and won’t leave your dog to wake up shivering, wandering through the house to find your bedroom. If your dog loves your sofa however, it might be best to invest in the K&H self-warming lounge sleeper instead to keep them in the living room.

Like most K&H pet products, the warranty is fantastic on the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper as it comes with an entire year guarantee that covers all repairs or damages relating to manufacturing error. 

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

Here is your best option for dogs who like to sleep or spend their time relaxing outside on the back porch or their kennel. The Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed by K&H is a rugged and higher-powered heated dog bed that is most suited for exposure to the elements. Coming in a number of different sizes means it’s suited to dogs of all sizes and a heater element that churns out up to 40 watts of power. 

As a flat pad, the Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed can be slipped into kennels or other dog shelters to keep your dog warm. The best part of the K&H heated bed and the Thermo-Pet range is that they can keep dogs warm even in extreme temperatures – down to below zero. It’s also the perfect choice if you’re looking to create your own lectro-kennel at home, just place it on the floor and you’re done. 

A few major features of the Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed are its orthopedic foam as well as the adjustable thermostat which gives you total control of the temperature. Warmer nights won’t need the heated pad to be so hot, so you’ll be able to change it in just a few clicks. The included fleece cover is also easy to pull off the heating element for you to wash in the washing machine. 

Like the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper, the Lectro-Soft also comes with a year of K&H warranty that will ensure you’re more than protected by any manufacturing defects or issues with the heating element within the bed.

Aspen Pet Self-Warming Rectangular Lounger

Meet the leading budget-friendly pet bed on our list, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Rectangular Lounger with a passive, thermo-reflective material that works to redirect your dog’s own body heat from the bed back into their body. Designed for use indoors, the Aspen bed is one of the most effective models at keeping dogs warm without requiring a powered connection at all. This passive warming also gives it an edge over plug-in versions as you can use it as a crate pad too.

A major perk of the thermo-reflective design is that it’s easy to wash and doesn’t have any elements within it that can’t get wet. The bed also comes in a deep brown-red color tone that will suit just about any room you have it placed in as the tone is deep enough to be neutral.  

Sizing is also where the Aspen bed excels. The three sizes offered are fantastic for the smallest and largest dogs so everyone can be kept warm through the evening or the day. You’ll find that the thermo-reflective coating is so effective that your canine friend may make the Aspen bed their favorite place through a winter’s day to keep warm. 

Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

For pet owners in the market for a more premium option, then look no further than the Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed. You’ll find the design is one of the most versatile and softest available allowing your dog to fall asleep in quite literally any position they’d like. The ultra-thick pillowed exterior padding allow dogs who like to sleep with their head up to rest on the edges of the cuddle cushion, whereas dogs who like to sleep on their backs can snuggle into the center of the bed. 

You have a whole range of colors to choose from as well, making sure the bad suits any space you put it in, from grey to green and even a deep red color. 

Like the self-warming Aspen, the Majestic Pet Sherpa is passively heated and is designed to hold as much of your dog’s body temperature heat as possible. This is sure to keep your dog warm all night without requiring a power-hungry dual-thermostat, especially since the design is more suited to staying indoors. 

Washability is also second to none – if your pet can get anything through the hyper-durable materials. For most messes, all you’ll have to do is wipe the bed down and you’ll be back to a clean slate. Other more extreme messes, however, won’t be much of a challenge as you’re able to machine wash the entire bed. It’s made of a poly-cotton twill which is durable but easy to wash and dry.

The Igloo Style of Dog Beds

If you or your dog aren’t too fond of the entirely open topped heated beds, there are the passively-warmed cave-type dog beds that provide just the right amount of warmth, comfort, and privacy all in one. Our two favorite cave or igloo dog beds are reviewed below. 

Best Friends by Sheri Pet Igloo

One of the more unique heated dog beds you’ll find on our list is the Sheri Pet Igloo. Designed in a way to looks similar to a cave or small kennel, the Sheri Pet Igloo is a self-heating bed that is certainly going to keep your smaller pets warm. The bed is sealed entirely all the way around until you reach the small cutout in the front that lets your dog or cat in. 

Coming in six fun colors, the bed is sure to blend into your home and offers a welcoming, fluffy fabric. Although the bed appears to be quite rigid at first glance, it’s actually flexible and easy to wash and pack away if you’re not wanting to use it in the summer months. One of the best parts of the washable fabric is the fact that it’s water resistant and able to reject stains and spills from your puppy, dog or cat. If there is an accident, all you’ll need to do is wipe it up and you’re all done. 

If your dog does prefer sleeping or relaxing outdoors on the back porch, the Sheri Pet Igloo is perfectly capable of keeping them warm. The all-encompassing design means wind chill won’t be an issue and your dog is definitely going to be kept cozy through the day or night. 

The only real downside is that the Igloo is only available in one rather small size, making it a good fit for puppies and smaller dogs, but impossible for larger dogs to sleep in. 

Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave

Similar in design to the Pet Igloo, the Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave is here to up the ante and has been designed to suit a whole range of dog sizes. If you live in a colder climate and are looking for another self-heating dog bed, then the Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave should be on the top of your list. 

You’ll find this dog bed in a range of colors and its semi-clamshell design allows your dog or cat to snuggle into the inner walls and lining of the bed to keep them extra cozy. Depending on how they’re sleeping, your dog will also be able to hide deep in the ‘cave’ and poke their head out to see what’s going on outside. 

There are no electrical elements inside the Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave which means you’re able to easily unzip the covers and wash them by hand or in the washing machine. The inner lining of the bed is also faux-lambskin so you can be absolutely certain that there’s no better self-warming option for your dog. 

Last but not least is the bed’s ability to properly support older dogs with joint pain. The inner foam and fabrics provide optimal support and keep weight distributed evenly across the bed to make sure that older pets aren’t in pain and can get a full night’s sleep without waking up too sore. 

The Solution for Specific Weather, Joint Ailments and Budgets

You may be looking for sleeping solutions for specific health issues or weather-related matters in your area, so we’ve outlined a few tips and pointers below. 


You will typically only need a thermostatically-heated dog bed for climates that are exceptionally cold or if your dog routinely sleeps outdoors. If you want to be entirely sure that your dog is comfortable at all times, it’s better to invest in an electric dog bed as these are the only options to assure your dog stays warm no matter how cold it may get outside. 

In climates that are only mildly chilly or have cold evenings, you might be able to spring for passively warmed dog beds. These are going to recycle your dog’s body heat and reroute it from the bed back into your dog’s body to keep them warm through the evening. These are best for sheltered areas like beside the door on your porch or in a covered kennel. 

Joint or Medical Issues

If you have a dog who suffers from joint problems, you should keep them well-rested on an electrically heated dog bed at all times. Whether they sleep indoors or outdoors, these types of dog beds are going to provide them with some relief as a warm surface is going to dull the pain. 

Heated dog beds are also good for dogs who want to relax during the day too. If your dog has been on their feet for a few hours and they’re starting to feel a little sore, they’ll know that they can go to their heated dog bed for some relief, a great perk of a heated dog bed. Just be absolutely certain the bed is MET listed to ensure they’re safe. 


When the price is your top concern you’ll need to be resourceful with what you have available to you. What this means is investing in a passively warmed dog bed that you can afford and then moving it from outside to indoors. This way you won’t need such a powerfully warmed solution as inside your home the bed will already be kept warm. 

Choose Based on Comfort and Climate

If you’re on the way to ordering your first heated dog bed, then it’s always good to follow reviews like the ones we’ve written above. Always remember to focus on your own requirements and what your dog prefers or you’ll have an empty dog bed that goes unused. 

At the end of the day, it’s best to choose a dog bed based entirely on your dog’s comfort and your local climate. This way they’re going to be happy to sleep in it and it’s going to provide the optimum amount of warmth for your local climate. 

Keep your dog and family happy with a heated dog bed that prioritizes comfort for joint pain and warmth for comfortable and uninterrupted night-long sleep.

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