The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

If you have an aging dog or cat, there’s great incentive to invest in an orthopedic dog bed for them to take the weight off their joints as they sleep. As our dogs and cats age, they run the risk of suffering from arthritis and other joint illnesses and disorders that can make the simple act of sleeping painful.

Make your best friend’s sleep a lot more comfortable and help ensure their daily life is less painful, by considering a memory foam dog bed. These are your best bet at providing your dog with a supportive mattress that allows them to softly sink into the foam material and relieve their pressure points. 

We know finding the best orthopedic dog bed can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure which brands to choose from or what your dog needs. To make the process a lot easier, we’ve outlined all of the best brands and features to look for in an orthopedic pet bed.

Recommended Choice – Frisco Ortho Dog Bed

Tips for Choosing Memory Foam Dog Bed

You will be happy to know that the process of finding the best pet bed isn’t too difficult at all, in fact, it might be similar to how you’ve chosen your own bed. It’s all about focusing on comfort, ideal materials as well as your dog’s requirements. You don’t want to choose a pet bed solely on the fact that it’s machine washable or made of memory foam if your dog won’t like it. 

Take a look below at our great pointers for choosing your dog bed. Once you’ve gone over all of these, you might just find a forever bed that your dog loves to use all day and night. With the tips below, we’re sure to help you choose the perfect bed that your dog will love to rest on and use to soothe their joints day and night.

Large Dogs, Small Dogs, Older Dogs, Puppy Dogs

As you would with your own bed, you will need to make sure it’s the correct size. If you have a puppy, you will also need to make sure it’s large enough for them to grow into. You don’t want to purchase a tiny bed for a puppy if they are going to grow into an extra-large adult dog in a year. 

A great tip here is to wait until your dog falls asleep and work out their size and sleep position. If they love to sleep on their side, back, stomach or even curl up into a little ball you’ll need to factor this into the purchase of the new bed. 

Test for True Orthopaedic Memory Foam

In the search for a memory foam dog bed, there is one certainty – fake claims. You’ll almost definitely come across a whole variety of dog beds that claim to offer superior comfort and support through their ‘memory foam’ only to find that it’s just generic foam that will flatten quickly over time. If you’re familiar with orthopedic foam, you’ll be able to tell by pushing down on the mattress, otherwise, you’ll have to guess based on the price and weight.

Don’t Purchase a Thin Mattress

If comfort and pain relief is your primary reason for purchasing a foam pet bed, you’ll want to ensure it has the ability to offer great support. Any mattress that is less than two inches is going to flatten out when your dog lies on it and they’ll essentially be resting on the floor with a soft cover. Our recommendation when it comes to thickness for foam beds, dog crate beds, and all beds, in general, is around four to five inches with a generous sherpa layer atop.

Reliability and Quality

All major orthopedic dog bed manufacturers like FurHaven, Kopeks, and K&H know that dogs can be a little rough at times and will have designed their beds for this. Our recommendation is to only consider high quality and durable beds that will be able to hold off messes, chew damage and can be washed easily. This is especially important for dogs who have trouble with separation anxiety and cope with it by chewing the bed.  

Waterproof and Machine Washable

If you know that your furry best friends can be a little messy or are prone to accidents, then you have to focus on an orthopedic dog bed that’s going to prevent stains and liquids seeping into the mattress. There’s nothing worse than trying to clean liquids, food or other messes out of a non-waterproofed dog bed.

Pricing and Budget

One final thing you might find is that most American-made memory foam dog beds are a lot more expensive than their traditional pillow and cotton padded counterparts. The good news is there’s a reason for that and it relates to the comfort that they are able to offer to your aging or sore dog. Don’t blow the budget, but definitely be prepared to spend a little more for the sake of comfort.

Our Top Choices for Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Take a quick look online and you’ll find that are literally thousands of memory foam dog beds for sale all offering the same or similar features. This is great for those of us looking to find a great deal, though you can’t really gauge whether a dog bed is going to hold up without some sort of testing or usability review. That’s where we come in! 

Outlined below are all of our top choices for the best orthopedic dog beds in 2019 alone with their best features.

Big Barker Mini

Up first is the dog bed for those pets who are cuddlers and love to sleep with an arm or a pillow under their heads. The Big Barker Mini offers a great four-inch thick memory foam base with a further two and a half inch pillow on top, perfect for dogs with joint pain in their necks. Using this pillow, your dog can take the weight off their neck or back and you’ll quickly notice the pillow becomes their new favorite thing. You could also consider the Deluxe Ortho by K&H and the BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper for an even higher pillowed edging.

Another perk of the Big Barker Mini is that it comes in four great colors that are sure to match perfectly to any home’s interior. If you’re using the memory foam bed on your sofa or carpet, you’ll also notice it blends well with other fabrics, rather than standing out or rubbing holes.

Pet owners with dogs who are a little messy – this bed is for you. The mattress is covered in a microfibre cover that can be quickly taken off and machine washed, making even the biggest messes easy to clean up. Dogs that insist on shedding heavily will enjoy this dog bed too, thanks to the microfibre’s ability to reject sharp dog hairs that poke and prod soft skin.

One of the biggest advantages of the Big Parker Mini is its ability to hold its shape for an entire decade, an example of true orthopedic memory foam. This will mean there’s no need to worry about routinely buying new dog beds and you can rest assured your dog will be optimally comfortable every single night, even if they’ll be sleeping on the mattress for years.

There is one downside to the Big Barker Mini and that’s its sizing. If you have an extra large dog, they won’t be able to use the Mini thanks to its design only suiting rather small to medium sized dogs. However, the mattress can be used as an ultra-comfy pillow on a jumbo dog bed. 

K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF Bed

If you’ve taken a look online for the best orthopedic bed for dogs, you’ll have definitely come across the Round Orthopedic Bed by K9 Ballistics. This bed has been designed in a way that provides optimal support, pain relief for conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis as well as comfort for dogs who enjoy sleeping in every position.

Unlike the Big Barker Mini, the TUFF comes in four sizes that fit the smallest dog breeds all the way up to the biggest such as Great Danes. That said, if you’re looking for a dog bed for a single large dog or a snuggle pad for three or more small dogs, the TUFF will be your best bet.

Similarly to most dog beds, the TUFF bed comes in an array of colors which is fantastic if you’re a little conscious about how well the bed suits your home or the back porch. You don’t need to deal with a standout piece if you don’t want to and the TUFF’s neutral brown and cameo tones make sure of that. If you’re not a fan of the nylon-esque material, there are also faux fur options available such as the K9 Designer Easy Clean Bolster Orthopedic Dog Bed.

The TUFF bed excels when it comes time to take a look over comfort. Like the Big Barker, the TUFF range boasts multiple layers of firm and soft memory foam which offers fantastic well-rounded support for heavy dogs, light dogs and aging dogs who may have sore joints. On top of the ultra-supportive and comfortable memory foam, you’ll also find that the waterproof materials make it easier to clean than most other pet beds. Just wipe the cover or remove it to machine wash it.

One aspect you might not be too happy with is the bed’s ability to be torn apart fairly easily. Although it is a durable pet bed, there’s not really much of a barrier stopping your pet from tearing their way into the foam and making a big mess in the living room or the porch. 

The Orthopedic Pet Bed by Milliard Premium

Our top pick for affordable and budget-friendly pet beds has to be the Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed by Milliard. Don’t be fooled by the lower price point as the bed can still hold its own to the other orthopedics on the market and its wide array of sizes will surely fit just about any dog’s size.

Research a little further into the Milliard Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed and you’ll find the bed comes in a single color tone – a great subtle smooth white. This means it will be the perfect choice for blending into white walls and flooring if you have these colors in your home. On top of this, the white material is machine washable so there’s no need to worry about any types of stains or marks showing up on the bed over time. Just unzip the washable cover and you’re good to go. 

Now it’s time to go over a few of the downsides to such an affordable pet bed. You’ll notice that the bed is very thin when compared to the other beds we reviewed. With two-inch thick memory foam layers, the bed might be a bit too thin for those heavier dogs. However, the foam layers are approved by Certi-PUR US so you can rest assured that your dog’s joints are being completely supported by a certified orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

If you’re concerned about durability, the waterproof design and materials are going to work wonders when it comes to cleaning up messes and preventing lingering smells. Any accidents from a messy dog will be easy to clean and there’s not going to be a chance of any liquids finding their way into the water-resistant gel memory foam.

All of that said, the mattress is certainly a great option if budget and price point are your biggest concern. The Milliard Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed is a fantastic option for those with dogs who need added support from a great pet dog bed that won’t break the bank.

The Shredded Foam Bed by Five Diamond

Looking into a more unique type of dog bed now, the Five Diamond Collection Shredded Foam pet bed has something different to offer that may actually improve your dog’s sleep – shredded foam sheets and pieces. These will allow for a more ‘organic‘ support level that changes depending on where your dog is sleeping.

To our surprise, the bed also comes in a whole range of sizes to suit any dog. You’ll have the option to choose from four different sizes all the way up to a huge 57 inches, perfect for the biggest dogs. All of the pet bed’s colors are neutral and are going to perfectly blend into any home. 

A few things to keep in mind are that the bed won’t be able to offer amazing support and it’s also not going to suitable for dogs who like chewy nubs. The loose sheets and foam shreds within are going to protrude slightly from the bed where your dog will be able to latch on to them and tear them out. A comfort and support issue comes in the form of an uneven foam layer and no ultra-plush padding. If your dog has joint pain or arthritis they will need a completely flat (or solid) memory foam pad to provide the best support. 

Like most other dog beds on our list, the Five Diamond Collection’s removable cover is machine washable. Just slip off the microfiber cover and put it in the washing machine. Waterproofing also ensures no liquid or food particles will fall down into the high-density microfoam, so keeping smells at bay will be effortless. 

To conclude, the Five Diamond Collection Shredded Foam pet bed is going to be the best option for younger dogs or dogs that are gentle with furniture and toys. A dog who loves to chew and break things won’t be at home on this mattress and an older dog might not get the joint support they need.

Durable Orthopedic Pet Bed

Dog owners looking for a completely no fuss, no frills, and effective orthopedic dog bed then the Durable Orthopedic Pet Bed from DogBed4Less is going to tick all the boxes. The bed comes in at a massive 54 inches so no matter how big your furry best friend is, they’ll have somewhere to sprawl out and get to sleep. The memory foam in the bed is also ultra-supportive, so the entire mattress is going to be comfortable no matter how your dog chooses to sleep.

Another benefit of this memory foam dog bed is its array of colors. There are five options to pick from and they’ll all blend perfectly into any home because of their subtle tones. Like most of the beds on our list, the top cover is easily removed and machine washable and the inner foam and outer micro-suede is waterproof, keeping all messes outside the bed. 

Something that we think really sells this bed is its awesome four-inch deep memory foam. Unlike many cheaper options, this orthopedic option is going to support even the heaviest pets and take a load off those older doggies who are getting sore during the day. 

This is our top pick if you’re looking for an affordable dog bed with optimal memory foam thickness and waterproofing. No matter how young or old your dog is, they’ll have a fantastic sleep on this dog bed. 

The Ultimate Orthopedic LUX Bed by K9 Ballistics

Here comes our overall winner for the absolute best orthopedic dog bed in 2019, the well-rounded and feature-packed K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bed.

The first feature you’ll notice is the bed’s raised edges that work as permanent pillow top orthopedic pads for those pups who love some extra neck support or a place to rest their head as they relax throughout the day. These raised edges also provide an enveloping feeling if your dog chooses to sleep on their back, giving them some perceived privacy from their eye level.

K9 Ballistics’ Orthopedic LUX Bed also meets our recommendation of five-inch thick memory foam which offers unrivaled joint support for your dog. Your dog’s body will also sink deep into the memory foam layer which will lift all weight off their joints and provide them the best sleep they’ve had in a long while. 

Design-conscious shoppers will be glad to know that you’ll have access to three color combinations that are stylish and not too bright, perfectly suited to all homes. 

With models available spanning an incredible 68 inches across, the bed is the largest on our list and that means you can stop looking for a bed that fits a large dog. They’ll be right at home in the Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bed and you might find that there’s still plenty of space left over for their sibling to snuggle up too. For those smaller dogs, there’s also a minuscule 18-inch version that’s going to be cozy and comfortable for new puppies in the family or smaller dogs in general. 

As you’d expect from a luxury bed, you’ll find machine washable materials, faux fleece options, waterproofing, durable memory foam, and a near chew-proof top layer. We stand by the Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bed and recommend it as our ultimate pillow-top orthopedic dog bed for anyone who wants incredible joint support for their dogs and doesn’t have a lower end budget when it comes to pet products. 

The Benefits of Memory Foam Pet Beds

When we say that your dog will love you for getting them a new memory foam bed, we’re not exaggerating. Just as humans love soft, comfortable and conforming mattresses, so too will our dogs, especially if they’re a little older or have joint pains. Take a look below at some of the biggest benefits of a memory foam bed for your dog. 

No Aches, Pains and a Better Mood

When our dogs sleep on a hard surface or on a bed that’s not the softest, they’re going to suffer from aches and pains which may wake them up, leaving them in a bad mood. It isn’t only humans who can wake out of a bad sleep and take out their annoyance on everyone else. You’ll quickly notice that your dog will show signs that they love their memory foam bed as much as you love your Serta.

A Much Needed Sleep for Older Dogs

Older dogs will always have a worse time sleeping than younger dogs and that’s mainly down to the aches and pains in their joints and muscles. Though, a memory foam mattress is here to help out. A material that enables your furry best friend to ‘sink’ into the mattress is going to provide the same therapeutic and relaxing feeling it provides humans. They’ll soon notice that it’s easier to get to sleep and is much more comfortable. Most pet owners spot their dogs becoming more active and doing more activities through the day because they’re no longer in as much pain. 

A Softer Surface to Improve Healing

Imagine you’ve broken a bone, pulled a muscle or have gravel burn and you’re expected to sleep on a flat mattress or on the floor. You’re going to be uncomfortable, very easily agitated and your injuries are going to take longer to heal. When you provide an injured dog with a soft place to sleep they’re going to much happier throughout the day and heal faster. 

It’s Time to Consider Orthopedic Memory Foam

Dog’s who suffer from achy joints and chronic poor sleep only really have a few options beyond taking medications and one of those options is memory foam bedding. If you want to provide them with long-term relief and a better quality of life, a memory foam mattress is the first product you should invest in. You might even want to purchase a gift card for a family member or friend who has an aging dog and help them surprise their best friend with a new memory foam bed!

Use our reviews and tips above to help you purchase your new dog’s bed and that way you’ll know that you’re headed in the right direction. Remember, it’s all about your dog and their comfort so focus on their needs, sleeping styles, positions and whether they love to chew or not.

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