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Pet Search

Who are we?

Pet Search is an organisation that started over 24 years ago in March 1992. We stand alone in being the only place dedicated full time to reuniting lost pets. Our staff are sometimes called lost pet searchers or lost pet detectives. Our only job is to help look for lost or stolen pets for people and reunite stray animals. Pet Search is run by Lee, and she is the person most people will meet or talk to over the phone. Other people that assist in the running of Pet Search are Jarred, Margaret, Bianca and generally anyone that helps us reunite lost and stray animals, so you are considered an important part of our team as well. Our pet detectives are trained and qualified in lost pet behaviour and search techniques and are accredited Missing Animal Response (MAR) Technicians with the Missing Pet Partnership in the US.

Pet Detectives searching for a lost pet

Pet Detectives searching for a lost pet

At Pet Search, rather than telling you general things to find your lost pet, we’d rather see you use lost pet services available in your community! Expecting grieving, broken-hearted people (who are not trained or equipped for the task) to search for their own missing pet does not make sense!

We provide unique  services in Australia but proven techniques that are used around the world.  What makes our lost pet recovery service unique? Two facts: the techniques we use are species specific and they are behaviour specific. By “species specific” we mean that the methods, techniques, and resources that you should use to search for a lost cat are very different from those you should use to search for a lost dog or a lost ferret. Cats, dogs, and ferrets are very different animals. They behave differently, they are responded to differently when people see them, and they travel different distances when lost.

Lost cat behaviour & lost dog behaviour

One of the biggest mistakes made with pet websites and people that offer “lost pet tips” is providing canned suggestions that might not be the most effective method to recover a lost pet. For example, most shelters and animal websites tell you that if your cat is missing you should do three primary things: place an Ad in the newspaper, check the local shelter cages, and post flyers in your area. But if your cat is a skittish, indoor-only cat who escaped outdoors then these three methods are NOT going to increase your chances of recovering your lost cat!

By “behaviour specific” we mean that the individual behaviour and temperament of a cat, dog, ferret, or other species will influence how that particular animal will respond to human contact as well as the distance he/she will travel when lost. The roots of our knowledge in lost pet behaviour stem from our knowledge of studies conducted into the behavioural patterns of missing people.

There is a science to finding lost people and a lot of that knowledge can be applied to finding lost pets. Professionally trained searchers don’t wander aimlessly in the bush when searching for a missing hiker. Instead, an organised search plan is implemented based on the knowledge of the behavioural patterns of lost people.

Your pets temperament also influences their behaviour. A shy whippet behaves differently to a confident wiggly tail labrador, using the wrong techniques can mean you don’t get your pet back.

In the case of stolen animals, you need to understand the human side of the search. Why people steal pets, what is their profile, what they do with the pet and how to motivate them to return the pet. Most owners get this completely wrong. They hear stories of dog theft (most of which are not credible) and assume the same thing has happened to their pet. They say the wrong things on posters and offer massive rewards with little or no understanding of how this can damage their search efforts.

If you hear of someone missing a pet, the best thing you can do is give them this link to our website. They will be forever grateful.

From The Pet Search team

Lee jefferies - Senior pet detective/lost pet finder

Lee jefferies – Senior pet detective/lost pet finder

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