Best Dog Foods for Beagles in 2022

A Beagle’s floppy ears and friendly nature hits every dog owner’s soft spot. Beagles are known for being gentle, playful, and as a result, they are especially great for children.  Of course, a fantastic companion like the Beagle deserves enough nutritional value and care from their owners regarding the foods they consume, particularly as they are prone to weight problems. With a lot of options on the market, we have created a guide to aid you in purchasing the right food for your loved pet.

General Guide

Beagles are not picky about what they eat and can easily sniff out foods. However, this encourages negative effects on their digestive system because they are not going to avoid foods that have lower protein levels than what they require. Generally, better varieties of Beagle pet food have a source of fatty acids to ensure an adequate energy level, such as fish oil and sunflower oil. The better varieties are high in fibre, thus involving fruits, brown rice and vegetables to aid your dog’s digestive system. An overload of wheat can clog the system, so find a more balanced dietary intake of poultry or whole meats which are easily digestible and offer nutritional stimulation.

What you feed your Beagle can affect their typical characteristics, so if you want that friendly dog with a keen nose, popping with energy and showing their playful nature, ensure you are feeding them both the right foods and the correct amounts of it. Portion regulation is crucial!

Top Recommended Foods:

For Puppies:

Recommended #1.Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon Puppy

This high quality, grain-free formula is popular for a growing puppy. The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are great for their skin and for maintaining a healthy coat. A natural source of DHA from salmon oil is present for brain development, which is essential for a puppy. Moreover, it also provides your Beagle puppy with enough antioxidants from the fruit and vegetable intake to promote a healthy immune system, particularly through the blueberries, peas and tomatoes in the formula. With fish protein, especially the real smoked salmon, as well as pea protein, your pup’s digestive health, calcium intake and energy is heightened. Dried chicory root is also a superfood for healthy digestion. As a result of these beneficial ingredients, this Taste of the Wild formula is our top choice for Beagle puppies, to keep your pup happy and healthy as they grow.

2. Blue Buffalo: Life Protection Small Breed Dry Puppy Food (Chicken and Oatmeal)

This brand promises no by-product meals, no wheat or corn, as well as no artificial colours or preservatives. The blend of deboned chicken, whole grains and garden vegetables is wholesome for your little furry friend’s immune system and oxidative balance. The bite-sized kibbles promote dental health and tartar removal, and DHA is also present for the cognitive and retinal development that puppies especially need. Whilst it is not grain-free, the oatmeal grain contains omega 6 for healthy skin and bones. Oatmeal is also a low calorie, high protein ingredient without gluten, which is easier to digest than other grains. This great mix makes it another top Beagle puppy food option.

For Adults

1. Wellness: Small Breed Complete Health Adult- Turkey & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food

To help your friendly Beagle get the protein and antioxidants they need for adequate energy, this pet food will do wonders. This particular flavour has high quality deboned Turkey, which is a fantastic source of fibre and fatty acids. Other proteins that make this pet food desirable includes chicken and salmon meal which are both highly digestible, whereby salmon also has the added benefits of omega 3 and calcium. In addition, the oatmeal and peas included are high-quality sources of protein and fibre that are more easily digestible, and the sweet potato has starch which converts quickly into energy. Tomatoes in the mixture heighten your Beagle’s level of vitamin C and are rich in the antioxidants. Finally, to promote healthy skin and coat for your furry best friend, flaxseeds are included which are rich in omega-3. Overall, with 28% protein and 4% fibre, this is our top adult Beagle pet food.

2. Wellness CORE: Grain-Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food

This superior, protein-rich and grain-free pet food is perfect for your lively Beagle to retain energy. With deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal, this meat dependent formula will provide the high protein your pup needs as well as protect their bone health. By containing 36% protein and 5% fibre, this product is the best nutritionally, however it comes at a higher price than some of our other recommendations. It also contains the added benefits of tomatoes, peas and flaxseed as previously discussed. The large combination of vegetables such as carrots, kale and spinach are great for promoting high fibre and carotenoids for easy digestion. The nutrients provided helps your Beagle feel great, particularly with non-GMO-sourced ingredients.

3. Royal Canin: Beagle Dry Dog Food (For Adults)

This product has been developed to fit with the unique needs of a Beagle breed. By focusing on a cross-shaped kibble that takes longer to ingest, the Beagle-specific habit of quicky eating and not chewing food is controlled. A healthy intake of dehydrated protein, brown rice and vegetable fibres are crucial to giving Beagles energy, as well as helping them feel full for longer. It also claims to support bone and joint health by including precise levels of omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine. 

Overweight Beagle?

Try Blue Buffalo: Healthy Weight Formula

Since the Beagle breed is vulnerable to weight issues, this product has reduced calories to keep your Beagle satisfied for longer. The essential vitamins and antioxidants support their immune system, and strong blends of calcium promote healthy bones. For weight control, the protein from the Deboned Chicken in addition to L-Carnitine assists your dog in developing leaner muscles.

Portion Sizes and Feeding

For puppy Beagles, those aged 8-10 weeks ago will need three meals a day, which is usually decreased to two meals over time. Due to the size of their stomach, they will become hungry again especially if partaking in more physical activity, thus feeding only once a day is not sufficient for Beagles. On average, 600 to 900 calories are needed per day, however, this depends on your Beagle’s weight and physical activity levels which burn off the food. For weight reduction, the portion size may also need to be decreased slightly, however speaking to a vet may help in developing a new Beagle diet plan.

What to Avoid in Beagle Foods

  • By-Product meats: By-product meats are the parts of animals that humans do not consume, as they are low in protein. This may include chicken beaks, stomach linings and fatty tissues, even though they are legally allowed in dog foods. Dogs need real meat for protein and nutritional benefits.
  • Fillers: WIth no calories and no nutrients, fillers just make the product look thicker. They are not absorbed, therefore they can create digestive issues like gas.
  • Small Kibbles: Adult Beagles already eat fast and do not chew enough which causes stomach issues and weight gain. If the kibbles are small, this fast ingestion is promoted rather than discouraged.
  • Too Many Carbs: High amounts of corn and heavy grains can affect a Beagle’s stomach and promote unhealthy weight gain.  This has low protein and does not provide enough energy for your usually lively companion.
  • Artificial Colours and Preservatives: These unnatural ingredients can cause skin reactions, thinning coats, and stomach issues for your Beagle,  just to name a few.  

What Health Issues are Amplified by Poor Food?

  • Obesity: Beagles are prone to obesity and will keep eating if overfed. Exercise is needed, such as taking extra walks to control your dog’s body weight.
  • Arthritis: Due to obesity, arthritis risks are increased.
  • Joint and Bone Diseases: Hip Dysplasia and Intervertebral Disc Disease can increase in severity with higher body weight, as greater pressure is created on the joints.
  • Hypothyroidism: As the thyroid is related to one’s metabolism, the resulting heavy weight gain may need to be counteracted by a healthier diet.
  • Dental Issues: Keep your Beagle chewing on harder dry foods as they are more likely than other breeds to develop dental issues. It may also be beneficial to brush your dog’s teeth later in life to avoid tooth decay and dental diseases.

Overall, our best Beagle food pick is Taste of the Wild for Beagle puppies, as well as Wellness Small Breed Complete Health and Wellness CORE for adult Beagles. To keep your Beagle playful, energetic and healthy, stick to these varieties due to their high protein, fibre and nutritional value. It is important to remember that Beagles can gain weight rapidly, thus you must maintain healthy portions in order to avoid their further vulnerability to serious health conditions.

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