Best Dog Foods for Poodles in 2022

One of the most known dog breeds is undoubtedly a poodle due to their standout dog fashion and high trainability. If you own a poodle, congratulations! You have joined the ranks alongside famous stars like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and Walt Disney. Poodles are known to be a high-energy, clever and loyal companion, thus it is essential you are feeding them correctly to keep up their lively spirits. Read on to find out about feeding the three types of poodles; the standard, miniature and toy varieties, as well as their corresponding dog food recommendations.

If you are in a rush, here is a quick overview of our top picks:

Recommended #1 For Standard Puppy Poodles: Canidae Grain Free Pure Puppy – Real Chicken, Lentil and Whole Egg Dry Food

Recommended #1 For Standard Adult Poodles: Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

Recommended #1 For Miniature Poodles: Wellness Core – Small Breed Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Recommended #1 For Toy Poodles: Instinct Raw Boost – Toy Breed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Feeding Guide

Poodles come in three sizes; standard, miniature and toy Poodles, although they are all the same breed. The differences in size and activity of your dog will affect their recommended food intake. In general, the first ingredient should be a whole meat protein such as chicken, beef or turkey, rather than non-meat or by-products that lack amino acids. Fish oils and vegetables should also be listed to support your Poodle’s energy and keep their coat thick and soft. Vegetables and fruits also have a good amount of fibre for your dog. Finally, the carbohydrates recommended are those that are easily digestible, particularly as poodles are vulnerable to gastronomical issues, thus stick to whole oats or brown rice rather than soy or wheat.

Standard Poodles:

  • Weighs 45-70 pounds, average 22 inches tall
  • Standard poodles will need at least 18 percent of protein in their diet as adults, and 22 percent of protein for puppies (Association of American Feed Control Officials standards)
  • Standard poodles will need around 1230 calories per day
  • Less active standard poodles will only need 1000 calories
  • The most active poodles will need upwards of 1800 calories per day, often due to sport involvement

Miniature Poodles:

  • Weighs 15-17 pounds, average 11-15 inches tall
  • Miniature Poodles need at least 22 percent of protein per day
  • Miniature Poodles need around 490 calories per day
  • Less active Miniature Poodles will need only 400 calories, but the most active will need at least 775 calories.

Toy Poodles:

  • Weighs 6-9 pounds, and are only up to 10 inches tall
  • Toy Poodles need 22-32 per cent of protein per day (HerePup)
  • Toy Poodles require around 330 calories per day.
  • Less active Toy Poodles will only need 265 calories.
  • The most active Toy Poodles, perhaps with hunting or sports involvement, will need approximately 750 calories per day.
  • For Toy Poodle Puppies, 660-1300 calories are needed to maintain their nutritional needs as they grow.

Top Foods for a Standard Poodle

For Standard Poodle Puppies:

  1. Canidae Grain Free Pure Puppy – Real Chicken, Lentil and Whole Egg Dry Food

Canidae has simple recipe ingredients to ensure your pup is getting the best, most essential foods without any added nasties. With chicken as the first ingredient, followed by fish meal, you can guarantee this food is a great source of protein for your growing pup. Without any grains, corn or soy, your new best friend will be able to more easily digest the food. Optimal DHA levels will support the cognitive and retinal development of your dog as they grow, and flaxseeds are included which are rich in omega 3 to keep your puppy’s coat soft. Your pup will also get their fibre needs from the lentils and peas included. This is our top pick to help you puppy Poodle be happier and healthier as they grow.

For Standard Poodle Adults:

  1. Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

This formula is made from Deboned Beef, which is a great protein for your adult poodle, as well as sweet potatoes which are an easily digestible carbohydrate with essential vitamins and minerals. Blueberries are also found in the formula which have valuable antioxidants and boosts vitamin C. Blueberries also support a healthy immune system, and are a fibre source for your dog. Apples and peas also offer protein, whilst salmon oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which supports a healthy coat and mind for your furry best friend. This grain-free formula removes digestive issues and instead provides essential nutrients through vegetables, fruits and whole proteins. The benefits derived from this formula makes it our top Poodle choice.

2. ACANA Grasslands- Grass Fed Lamb, Fresh Water Trout and Free-run Quail

This American owned, the protein-rich formula is a great food option for your Poodle. Of the first listed ingredients, there are five types of meat protein, mainly from lamb and duck which give your pet energy. This product’s rich lentils and vegetable contents are essential for protein and fibre. Chicory root and peas also support healthy digestion, which is especially important to Poodles. By avoiding synthetic ingredients and focusing on whole meats and fish, this product has become our second pick for Poodles.

3. Royal Canin Breed- Adult Poodle Dry Food

This dry food is specially formulated for the standard adult Poodle. There is added protein to support a healthy muscle mass, and the kibble size is perfect in shape and texture for a Poodle’s jaw size and chewing habits. The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids contribute to a healthy coat, and the chicken provides high-quality protein. However, it is important to note that it is not grain-free. Despite the protein and specially formulated kibble, there is a high maize content which can be an issue for stomach sensitive poodles.

Top Food for a Miniature Poodle

  1. Wellness Core – Small Breed Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

As smaller breeds have higher energy needs, CORE recipes are specially formulated to suit those needs. This 100 per cent grain-free formula is easily digestible and involves protein-rich meats like Turkey and chicken meal. Spinach, broccoli and other vegetables are high sources of iron and magnesium to support your furry friend. A healthy coat is made possible through ingredients like flaxseed and salmon Oil due to their Omega 3 contents. The kibble size is easily chewable for these smaller poodles and optimal calorie levels are present.

2. Tiki Dog Aloha Petites – Grain Free Dog Food (Chicken or Lamb)

This dog food brand is designed for smaller dog breeds, with their bite-sized kibble, low carbohydrate formula made with high-quality fresh chicken or lamb for protein. Omega 3 and 6 are present, as well as the flaxseed benefit discussed previously. They also have a focus on easily digestible ingredients, such that no grains are present, and whole peas and lentils are included for fibre. Other nutrient-rich foods present that are perfect for your miniature poodle include carrot, spinach and meat liver.

Top Food for a Toy Poodle

1. Instinct Raw Boost – Toy Breed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This toy breed specific kibble is perfect for your toy poodle’s nutritional needs. In addition to the high protein, small-sized kibble, there are pieces of their freeze-dry raw product included to add extra nutrition. The chicken protein promotes healthy bones in addition to the included levels of calcium. Made without preservatives and grains, this toy breed food is amazing for your furry friend’s energy levels and digestive system. Have peace of mind with our number one pick, because you know they will be getting all the good stuff in their system.

2. Wellness Complete Health – Toy Breed Adult Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice and Peas

This small kibble sized dry food is packed with nutrients to keep up with the higher energy levels of your toy poodle. As another chicken formula, protein and good fatty acids are present, whilst carrots protect against cataracts. Peas add a vegetable-based protein and fibre source, and apples are a great pectin source. Overall, whilst this is not a grain-free formula, oats are easier to digest as they are gluten-free and high in protein. Although it comes at a slightly higher price, this product has a good ingredient mix which makes it our second-best option for your toy poodle.

What to Avoid in Poodle Foods

  • By-Product meats: By-product meats are the parts of animals that humans do not consume, as they are low in protein. This may include chicken beaks, stomach linings and fatty tissues, even though they are legally allowed in dog foods. Dogs need real meat for protein and nutritional benefits. Beware of general ‘meat meals’ that do not specify what type of meat has been used.
  • Fillers: With no calories and no nutrients, fillers just make the product look thicker. They are not absorbed, therefore they can create digestive issues like gas.
  • Artificial Colours and Preservatives: These unnatural ingredients can cause skin reactions, thinning coats, and stomach issues for your Poodle, just to name a few.  
  • Human Foods: such asMacadamia Nuts, Alcohol, Grapes, Raisins and Chocolate
  • Gluten: Gluten is harder to digest. Try grain-free formulas or look for non-gluten alternatives like oats or rice.

What Health Issues are Amplified by Poor Food?

  • Hip Dysplasia: Poodles are vulnerable to hip dysplasia, where their joints weaken and deteriorate. This can be made worse by not having foods that are good for bones health. Additionally, dogs that overeat and become overweight put more strain on their hips, leading to further hip dysplasia issues.
  • Hypothyroidism: As the thyroid is related to one’s metabolism, the resulting heavy weight gain may need to be counteracted by a healthier diet.
  • Gastric Torsion- Bloat: Poodles are vulnerable to heavy bloating, whereby there is excess gas or fluid in the poodle’s stomach. It can become a life-threatening problem that is amplified by foods that are not easily digestible.

Overall, the best Poodle food picks are dependant upon their size, age and activity level. To keep your poodle lively, healthy and happy, ensure their diet has high amounts of protein, good fats and nutritional value. It is also important to ensure you are feeding the right proportions and making your poodle participate in physical activity.

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