21 Interesting Deer Head Chihuahua Facts (With Pics & Tips)

Have you ever heard of a Deer Head Chihuahua? 


They are amazing creatures that offer humans great support and companionship during challenging and happy moments. Like all dogs, they are man’s best friends in simple terms.


What is more amazing about these unique creatures is that they come in various colours, and if you’re having a bad day, they will lighten up your mood. 


But what are their unknown facts? 


I’ll take you through exciting facts about the Deer Head Chihuahuas in this post. But before we do that, let’s quickly look at how Chihuahuas look and their comparison with the Apple Head Chihuahua.  

How Does The Deer Head Chihuahua Look Like? 

First, the name “Deer Head” comes from the Chihuahuas face and head shape, similar to a baby deer’s face. Similarly, these amazing pet dogs averagely grow between 8-12 inches, making them stand out from other pet dogs. 


Moreover, they have large ears, long muzzles and long necks, making them distinct from other pets. 


However, the Deer Head Teacup and the Deer head chihuahua can be the same as they can both be bred similarly. But the Deer Head Chihuahua is economical to acquire compared to the Teacup, which costs a fortune. 

Apple Head Vs Deer Head Chihuahuas

Breeders often use Apple Head and Deer Head to help distinguish these wonderful pet dogs using their face and head shape. 


The Apple Head stands out of the two as it has a unique rounder head compared to the Deer Head. 


And according to research conducted by Kennel Associations, the Apple Head is slightly preferred, but people disregard it due to its high price. 


21 Interesting Deer Head Chihuahuas Facts

1: Two Prominent Chihuahuas Types

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), there are only two prominent Chihuahuas that almost everybody wants to own—the smooth coat and the long coat Chihuahuas. 


However, the research identifies various types of Chihuahuas that people will go to for different reasons, such as the price. They are Teacup, Apple Head, Fawn and the deer head. 

2: Deer Head Have smooth And Long Fur 

Unlike most chihuahuas, the Deer Head comes in short and long fur, depending on your preference. 


Even so, you’re more likely to secure yourself a Deer Head that comes in a short coat as they are perceived to be easier to groom and maintain.


However, dealing with long-coat Deer heads is a headache as you’ll have to spend more time and resources acquiring the right coat trimming equipment. 


Similarly, Chihuahuas with long fur are a source of debris and dirt which means regular cleaning of these pet dogs if you want your home to stay clean. 


You’ll also need to get ready for some extra brushing if you choose to go with a Deer Head Chihuahua that has long fur.


But, there’s a negative side to short coat Chihuahuas as they can quickly get cold, which eventually leads to unwelcomed health issues. 


Alternatively, you can still have tiny fur chihuahua and get them a warm sweater. 

3: Deer Head Chihuahuas Weigh More

With Deer Head weighing around 15 pounds maximum, they are significantly more significant than other chihuahuas, ranging between 6-8 pounds. But to avoid health complications, ensure your Chihuahuas weigh 10-11 pounds. 


Apart from their size, deer head chihuahuas are not easily intimidated and can stand up for themselves when confronted by bigger dogs. 


However, your Deer Head should always be leashed so that it doesn’t pick a fight with larger hounds that can harm it.  

4: Only Shed Depends On The Fur Type

Even though most man’s best friends shed a lot during spring, they can’t match the Chihuahua, which sheds throughout the year. However, their shedding will entirely depend on which coat type they exhibit for Deer heads. 


So if your Chihuahua has a long coat, it will shed less since their fur is much stronger than short ones. Similarly, they come with an undercoat, which they shed once yearly. 


However, if your Deer Head has smooth fur, prepare for regular cleaning as it will shed regularly. But generally, all dogs shed fur, but the length will be pivotal for how much and often they shed. 

5: They Have Different Colors

The most interesting fact about the Deer Head Chihuahua is that they come in different colours such as Chocolate, Black, Tan, Fawn, Silver, Red, Blue, etc. You can pick your best out of all these. 


Similarly, you can mix the Chihuahuas colours with brown and black. The rarity comes with negatives such as high prices, which throws off most people. But securing a white Chihuahua is the most challenging part as they are scarce, followed by the Dark Deer Head.

6: They Don’t Have an Official Breed

Deer Heads don’t have one breed but rather have an imbalance breed. That’s why you hear folks referring to them as cross-breeds. Well, we all like to find out which other breed combines with the Deerheads, but unfortunately, they’re pretty hard to trace.

7: They Aren’t Allowed To Compete in Dog Competitions 

Not all dogs can compete as there’s a required breed standard by the kennel clubs, such as the Continental Kennel Club. 


The worst part is that the Deer Head cannot compete as it is not recognised or doesn’t meet the Chihuahua breed standard, which requires long or smooth coats, Apple Heads, tiny muzzle, and weighs less than 6 pounds. This automatically cuts off Deer Heads from the competition. 


However, their disqualification from competing in shows does not reduce its value as most people keep on acquiring them as they have great pet attributes. 

8: They Are Calm

Compare Deer Heads Chihuahuas, and you’ll notice that they are way hyper, calmer, and less aggressive than most breeds. However, they display some characteristics like stubbornness, loyalty, and attention-seeking regularly. 


Nevertheless, PetMD sees Chihuahuas differently as they call them sassy, friendly with numerous pets, reserved and devoted. But the crucial factor that will determine your Deer Head Chihuahuas behaviour will mostly depend on the type of training it receives. 


Without adequate training, your Chihuahua may be fearful and aggressive, so try to incorporate the proper training methods. 

9: They Are Mainly Loyal To One Person

Deer Head’s loyal characteristic is fantastic when you’re the sole owner, and it only follows what you say. However, this might not be the case in a family setting as it might somehow seem unfair that the Chihuahua only responds to one person. 


If you’re in this situation, don’t take it personally! Instead, come up with ways such as establishing some boundaries incorporating a routine so that you can train your Chihuahua to respond to good orders from everybody. 

10: Have A Lifespan Of 20 Years

Knowing you’ll probably live longer than your Chihuahua is often painful. Fortunately, Deer Heads have a great life span as they can stay for 12-20 years.  


However, you’ll need to ensure that your Chihuahuas undergo a health check-up once in a while as they tend to fall ill easily. Some health complications include dental disease, heart problems and kidney complications. 


However, if you do a great job keeping track of your Chihuahua’s health condition, they might stay for over 20 years. 

11: The Cheapest Is $300, And The Most Expensive Is $1200

Chihuahuas are sold at varying prices depending on the breed. Of course, a purebred will cost more, but it has to be within the pricing limits. Similarly, the breeder has the power to choose the amount the Chihuahua will go for, but the pricing has to be fair and reasonable. 


Sometimes the market prices fluctuate, but the limit will always be $1200. For instance, a Deer Head puppy cannot go for less than $300 or more than $900. However, if you have deep pockets, you might consider going for the Apple Head Puppy as its pricing starts from $1500. 


And even though acquiring a Deer head Chihuahua is a little bit economical, you have to note that when you get a puppy, you’ll have to pay more than when you get an adult Deer Head. 

12: Puppies Have Floppy Ears

All Chihuahuas, including the Deer Head Chihuahuas, have floppy ears. Yes, the floppy ears you always see on memes. Why? Because they have unformed or fewer firm cartilages and only mature and perk up after five months. 


But if you notice your Chihuahua’s ears are floppy after five months, then know there’s a high chance of cross-breeding. Deer Chihuahuas can quickly breed with various breeds. 

13: Apple Head Can Have Deer Head Puppies

Thanks to genetics, it’s normal for an Apple Head to make a Deer Head. And some might argue that the Deer Head Chihuahua Shape is a recessive gene, even if it’s just one between the Deer Head and the Apple Head. 


You should also be aware that Deer Heads are not purebred but might be purebred in exceptional circumstances such as this. However, they’ll still not qualify for a dog show or competition. 

14: They Often Burrow

Humans often wear sweaters when it’s cold, but it’s different for Deer Head Chihuahuas. They prefer digging up small holes known as burrowing so that they can stay warm. The small sections they’ve dug makes them feel warm and safe. 


Similarly, there are other ways we can make them feel at home and warm. Some of them include acquiring burrowing bed designs, setting aside a corner in your home where they can burrow or get them blankets and putting them in a corner where they can use to feel warm. 

15: They May Have European Or Aztec Origins

There’s still a massive debate on where precisely the Chihuahuas originate. Most people believe that Mexico is where these beautiful creatures trace their origin in the 1800s. And even though no one can tell for sure that Mexico is their homeland, there’s an emerging theory that shows Aztecs played a massive role in Chihuahuas’ existence. 


Similarly, a theory explicitly states that the Chihuahuas came about thanks to Techichi descendants, a 1500s dog found during the Aztec civilisation. And the fact that a tiny dog cross-bred Techechi raises the question of whether Chihuahuas were part of the process.  

16: They Were Seen As An Asthma Cure

Even though it’s just a myth, there was a time when people believed that Chihuahuas could magically cure Asthma.


Similarly, ancient history provides that the Techichis reason for being buried close to Aztecs was because of the belief in Aztecs myth of sin absorption. And eventually, this type of belief was passed to Chihuahuas. 

17: A Taco Bell Mascot Made Them Popular

 It all started with the story of the now-famous dog called Gidget that made history by frolicking the Chihuahuas mascot. And guess what? It was a Deer Head Chihuahua that emerged in September 1997. This act played a critical role in popularising the Deer Head Chihuahuas. 


Since then, Deer Head Chihuahuas have been a massive cast on many commercial acts. 

18: It’s Pronounced As ‘Chee-Wa-Wa’

Just cage your pride for a second—you’ve always pronounced Chihuahua as ‘Chew-wa-wa.’ And trust me, you’re not alone; at some point, we’ve all said it, and some would argue that it’s even worse in the United States. 


However, the correct pronunciation should be ‘Chee-wa-wa’ and not ‘Chew-wa-wa.’ and that’s according to PetMD. And the way you say it should be a bit Mexican as it is believed Chihuahuas originate from Mexico. 

19: They Don’t Get Along With Kids

Even though Deer Head Chihuahuas are considered humans best friends, their reputation with kids isn’t that great. Why? Due to their aggressive and sassy nature. However, kids are also not easy to deal with sometimes, and that applies to their interaction with the Chihuahuas as they tease them way too often. 


Nevertheless, that’s not to say they are aggressive dogs, but that their chill nature doesn’t need kids teasing them every time they run into each other. 


20: They’re The Smallest Breed Worldwide

Did you know that Chihuahuas are the tiniest breed across the world? According to the Guinness World Record, they are the smallest, with a record of 9.65 centimetres. Of course, seeing them physically, you might not believe this record, but trust me, it’s accurate. 


And if you’re more comfortable with small breed dogs, there are alternatives such as the Maltese, Dachshund, Italian Greyhound, Terrier and English Toy Spaniel.

21: They Have Service Dogs Attributes

For those who don’t know, Chihuahuas make great service dogs such as guiding the blind, alerting the deaf, offering emotional support to the sad or depressed, and once in a while helping you open the door. 


Their size and nature make Deer Head Chihuahuas lean more towards emotional support and mobility assistance. 

Tips to take care of a Deer Head Chihuahua 

Besides being extraordinary creatures, Deer Heads have a unique way of bonding with humans more intimately than most humans. And with this special bond comes the need to take care of them.


So how should you take care of your Deer Head Chihuahuas?

How to Take care of a Deer Head Chihuahua

Routine Training 

Like a child, you have to incorporate good behaviours in your dogs and give them the right direction not to disappoint. And this means that your Deer Head Chihuahua requires adequate routine training so that they can pick up good habits. 


Even though they are naturally dominant, allocating a few minutes will go a long way in helping you train them.


All dogs, especially Chihuahuas, require special grooming. Whether it has a long or short coat, you must ensure that it’s clean as often as possible. And if you have a long coat Deer Head then get a proper brush to deal with the undercoat. 


Even so, Deer Heads with smooth coats will require more work as they tend to shed more fur. This means you’ll regularly have to brush them so that they maintain their clean and healthy state. 


Chihuahuas often require a strict diet due to their stomachs’ sensitivity, and the Deer Heads are no exception. Ensure you don’t give them foods that cause health issues, such as bladder stones. You’ll need to contact a dietician or conduct thorough research to determine which food best suits your Deer Head Chihuahuas. 


Final thoughts

We’ve seen how privileged we are to have these fantastic creatures due to their fantastic nature. However, Deer Heads might not be perfect, but with the proper training, they’ll be the best friends you need. So why not get yourself a Deer Head Chihuahua? 


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