Chihuahua Bite Force PSI: 5 Facts, Statistics & Fatalities

Chihuahuas are increasingly becoming popular, but there are some mind-blowing facts you need to know. This post will discuss some of the 5 mind-blowing facts about Chihuahuas. 

#1: Has A Chihuahua Ever Killed Anyone?

According to multiple media outlets, no one has passed away due to negative interaction with Chihuahuas. However, says otherwise—it shows that at least one person kicked the bucket in the United States in 2005-2017. 


Even so, accurate information regarding the year and other details are still missing. However, after in-depth research, I noticed their 2016 report specified a reported death caused by a Chihuahua mix. 


And yes, a man of 58 years was discovered dead in California. However, no one could assure everyone that the Chi was behind it since they had four other dogs, such as Pitbull mixes(3) and a mixed breed(1). And based on the year, it’s safe to say that this was the alleged story in the study, which isn’t accurate by all indications. 

Which Dog Breed Has Killed The Most People In The US?

In 12 years, available data shows that 433 cases were reported with the same allegations. And the accused 20 dog breeds are the following:


BreedDeath/sPercentage of total
Pit bulls28465.6%
German Shepherds204.6%
American Bulldogs153.5%
Labrador Retrievers92.1%
Doberman Pinschers61.4%
Alaskan Malamutes40.9%
Golden Retrievers40.9%
Heeler Cattle Dogs40.9%
Cane Corsos30.7%
Chow Chows 30.7%
Wolf Hybrids30.7%
Perro de Presa Canarios20.5%
Japanese Akitas20.5%
Australian Shepherds20.5%


However, statistics about supposed dog bites may sometimes be wide of the mark. But why? Because this information is brought out on social media, news outlets, and blog posts which might not be an accurate indication of the exact number of cases on the ground. 


Similarly, there can be inaccuracies in the specific breed that causes these attacks. Sometimes it might be a mixed breed, but a report may indicate a different breed. 


And there’s also a huge chance that terms such as Pit Bulls and Huskies have been misused, leading to confusion which means most of us might think they are just the same breed. 


Huskies can be


  • American Klee Kai.
  • White Huskies
  • Siberian Huskies.
  • Alaskan Malamutes.
  • American Eskimo Canines.
  • And much more. 


 There are different breeds of Pit Bulls, too, including:


  • American Pit Bull.
  • American Staffordshire.
  • American Bullies.
  • Staffordshire Bull.
  • American Bulldogs.

Has A Chihuahua Ever Cut Short A Humans Life?

Even though it seems possible, it’s still improbable that a Chihuahua will go as far as to kill. Alright, it can do a little bit of damage to you but not death. However, when a pack of savage Chihuahuas attacks you, they might cause severe bodily harm that could prove fatal—but thats also unlikely.


And if a Chihuahua is to kill you, it can only do so when you are unconscious with your carotid arteries sticking out of your neck and the Chihuahuas bite on them. However, Chihuahuas bites arent that lethal—they can only cause abrasions, bruises, and minor cuts. 


Nevertheless, more Chihuahuas face allegations of causing death, leading to most being abandoned and left homeless. 

Chihuahua Attacks

A Chihuahua known as Chelsea was sued alongside her parent by a London woman in 2016 on allegations that it attacked and bit the woman. 


A similar occurrence was also reported recently in England—as another Chihuahua was also sued for attacking a lady. And according to the complainant’s statement, she was delivering items when the Chi chased her around before bitting her. 


Of course, the dog’s owner or parent will also be charged and is in danger of facing a five-year jail time under the Dangerous Dogs Act(1991). Similarly, the dog doesn’t go Scott-free as it’s upon the judge to release a verdict that may have the dog killed. 


#2: Can A Chihuahua Take Off Your Finger?

Chihuahuas are notorious for biting legs and fingers way more often, but research suggests they don’t nip off the appendages. Of course, it’s unlikely that a Chihuahua might do such detrimental damage to an adult but may only scratch or cut the skin.


However, if a Chihuahua is biting a kid’s finger, the injury will be severe. However, they can only bite off a kid’s fingertip but not the whole finger. And that’s only possible when their level of aggression is extreme, which is not always the case. 


But how comes they cant bite off a finger? Because they don’t have the required jaw strength to take out an entire finger. However, man’s best friends that have jaw strength and biting force of over 200PS will rip your whole finger out. 


Below are incidences where people’s fingers have been bitten off:


Incident #1: A 11-year-old kid’s finger was bitten off by a Malamute mixed wolf. The Kids father then killed the dog by firing gunshots and taking out the swallowed finger from the dog’s body. However, the doctors could not do much with the finger because of severe nerve damage. 


Incident #2: Similarly, a London driver’s finger was bitten off by a Mastiff-type dog. She explained to the news reporters that she was only putting in a door car when the incident happened. 

#3: Which One Bites More, Chihuahuas or Pit Bulls?

A survey of 4,000 dog parents was done to determine how aggressive their furry friends are.


Let’s face it—Pit bulls are fierce and dangerous dogs as they have a lethal bite since they have strong jaws and massive bodies. But do you know they can control their temper better than Chihuahuas?


Thorough research conducted on 4,000 dog owners aimed to show just how aggressive dogs are. Researchers realized that Chihuahuas are more hostile when compared to 35 dog breeds. 


I know it sounds far fetched, but Chihuahua’s nature makes them bite and snap more. Some call it the Napoleon complex as they are small but fierce. Similarly, some people will argue that it’s within Chihuahua’s rights to snap and bite as a defence mechanism against other canines.


Below is a study that shows small dogs’ tendencies or characteristics:


  • Implore food.
  • Need attention.
  • Mark boundaries using urine.
  • Are aggressive


Apart from Chihuahuas being overprotective with their best friends, they are territorial, and any infringement of their territory may lead to aggression. However, they have big hearts and are loyal to their best friends. 


I’m sure you’ve come across a picture or two of Chihuahuas in their wildest elements while exposing their teeth, and thats a sign that they want to attack. In simple terms, it warns you to stay away or keep a safe distance. 


However, there are anxious and scared Chihuahuas, recently associated with poor socialization and being too overprotected. Some parents don’t allow their Chihuahuas to mingle with other canines as they are afraid that the big canines might attack them. 

Do Pit Bulls Bite Fiercely?

The Pitbull is a mixture of Old English Terrier and bulldog to form the American Terrier Pit Bull. 


They are mainly known for:


  • Impatience
  • Endurance
  • Cutting out fights
  • Muscular body


Generally, the pit bull was bred in the 19th century for fighting. They used to fight big animals as well as restrict bulls. However, this was years ago, and things have changed. Today, breeding Pitbulls to fight is frowned upon and illegal in most jurisdictions. With proper training, most people today use them as family dogs.


Similarly, pit bulls’ genes play a huge role in their aggressive nature. However, the way they are raised plays a significant role in ensuring they behave properly. Moreover, inadequate training will lead a pitbull to misbehave or be aggressive. 


Furthermore, you can implement exercise for all breeds if you want them to pick up on specific behaviours and discontinue others. But if you don’t train them properly, prepare for them to bite more often. 


Even though Pitbulls are aggressive, Chihuahuas still top the hostility list. Their biting incidents may not be reported as much as those of big canines, but for sure, they do bite. 


Thankfully, their bites don’t cause detrimental injuries but minor scratches and cuts. 

#4: Has A Chihuahua Ever Killed An Infant?

But can they possibly harm a baby? Yes, they can as they have fierce teeth, and with kids’ fragile skin, Chihuahuas can do massive damage to them. So if it harms infants, it will lead to cuts and wounds, and if there’s no immediate medical attention, there could be massive blood loss or infection. 


However, big canines have been reported to harm and kill infants. The canines that have been notorious in kids’ death cases include Rottweilers and Pitbull. 

#5: Can Chihuahuas Get a firm Bite On Your Eyelid?

It’s very improbable that Chihuahuas can bite on eyelids as they are thin and are about 0.5 thick. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot do it. 


There’s 23-year old TikToker who experienced this. She was having her eyes done at a place where there was a Chihuahua. She explained that in the beginning, everything was fine, and she bonded with the dog well. 


Unfortunately, her bag fell, and when she leaned to get it, the Chihuahua went for her eyelids and almost ripped it all off. She had to look for a doctor who could do her reattachment. The Doctor said it was an isolated case and that they had never seen anything like that. 


So, the fact that Chihuahuas have a weaker biting strength and a weaker jaw doesn’t mean that you should lean too close to their mouth as they can bite without warning. 

Questions People Regularly Ask

Do Chihuahua’s Have A Firm Bite?

No, Chihuahuas have a weak jaw, and so they cant get a good, firm bite. However, Rottweilers and Pit bulls can rip off your finger as they have stronger jaws. Similarly, for a Chihuahua to have a firm grip or bite, they have to have a giant skull, but Chihuahuas are tiny animals with small skulls.

How Sore Can A Chihuahua Bite Be?

A Chihuahua’s bite is excruciating. They have small teeth that pierce your skin, making it more painful. Even though they cant reach your bones, they can still tear your skin off. Some people might argue that young Chihuahuas bite with even more force as they apply pressure on one particular area, making it even more painful. 


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