Best Dog Prams: Where to get a Dog Stroller in Australia (2022 Update)

You might be wondering why you would ever need to use a dog pram, and you wouldn’t be alone. Most Australians consider them a ridiculous idea, and hardly any of them ever walks their dogs in the first place. They might look unnecessary, but let’s discuss why they might be more important than they look. 

What Makes You Think You’d Put a Dog in a Pram?

Here is a list of reasons why some people choose to put their dogs in strollers:

It Makes Transporting Nervous Dogs More Convenient.

Most dogs tend to get anxious and overwhelmed outdoors and in an unfamiliar environment. Putting the dogs in sheltered spaces that are familiar to them creates a feeling of comfort and coziness. You can try putting your dog in a pram when taking them to a vet and notice that they don’t get as anxious. 

We Can Transport Older and Injured Dogs

Dogs that cannot walk anymore due to old age or injury can be put in prams and walked to change the scenery and smell they are used to. 

We Have the Ability to Take Puppies to Various Locations

Puppies with developing joints and bones cannot walk for long and will require a pram when taking them to the vet for a vaccine. 

Which Dog Prams Are the Best?

Here are some of the most OK prams available for purchase in Australia. They have been sorted based on best reviews, best prams for big dogs, and most reasonably priced. 

Red Dog Stroller (Best Reviewed)

More than 1,000 people have reviewed this stroller as a great purchase. The pram goes for only $280, with free shipping included. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. 

Giant Dog Wagon

This is an elegant wagon-styled stroller for your pets. The wagon costs $310, with an extra $50 for shipping. 


The wagon has an elegant design and a perfectly made construction. It is suited for use with small dogs, not medium and large dogs like advertised. It was observed that the dogs had a hard time getting comfortable in strollers. 


The wagon’s length is small. A PP20 crate, meant for dogs weighing not more than 7kg, actually has a more extended cabin than this wagon. It is therefore unreasonable to use this wagon with dogs weighing 25kg. 


Ensure to confirm your dog’s body size and the measurements of the cabin before spending your +$300. 

The Ipet Stroller Is a Little Dog Pram That Costs Less Than $100

This is a popular stroller for dogs. gives it a rating of 4.5 stars. The stroller is very affordable, costing less than $100. Shipping is free! 

Large Ipet Dog Stroller for Under $200

This version is meant for large dogs. It costs less than $200. Shipping is also free. 

Get a Dog Pram for Sale in Your Area: Used Dog Prams

You can also go to Gumtree and Facebook to look for people around your area who might be selling their used dog prams. 

Are Dogs in Strollers Permitted in Stores?

This varies from shop to shop, and it is recommended to confirm with the shop owner. 


Every food venue has to abide by the food safety regulations and might not allow pets near areas that handle food. 

What Is the Most Appropriate Pram for an Old Dog?

The stroller that suits an old dog best depends on its size and the owner’s capability to carry or lift its dog. Ensure that the pram you choose has enough stretching room for the dog. 


If your dog is too heavy, make sure the stroller is not too high; the dog needs to be able to step into the stroller.  


Strict rules that declare whether your dog is or is not allowed into a store do not exist. Management departments established the existing rules in shops, stores, or brands. While some might allow secure and safe dogs into their premises, others stubbornly enforce rules prohibiting dogs from entering their premises. 


Some shops enforce the rule due to other customers’ complaints or a bad experience with an untrained dog in the past. If the store does not have a sign outside, ensure to ask the employees at the store. Do not assume you might get kicked out. 

What Is the Most Appropriate Pram for a Large Dog?

FITTOO dog bikes are our top recommendation for medium-large dogs. The trailer measures 72cm x 58cm x 55 cm in its interior. 


Finding prams for large dogs is very difficult. Most advertised trailers are too small for large dogs to sleep comfortably. The FITTOO trailer has a vast interior that is suitable for big dogs. 


Before buying a stroller for your dog, record your dog’s measurements when it lies down. Compare this to the pram’s length to confirm that your dog can comfortably fit in the stroller. 


If you have a hard time finding the right size for your dog, go for a bike trailer instead. They are a lot bigger and might suit your dog better than some prams. 

Do Dogs Enjoy Riding in Strollers?

This tends to vary from dog to dog, with some dogs getting comfortable in the stroller immediately while others never really get to like them. 


The dog’s first experience with a stroller also plays a crucial role. You need to get your dog to enjoy their first experience in a stroller. 


Do not force the dog to get into its stroller upon purchase. Leave the dog with the stroller to sniff it and get acquainted with the stroller. Once the dog no longer considers the stroller strange, try placing dog treats in the pram and teaching them how to enter it by themselves. 


Ensure not to rush the dog. Introduce the stroller to the dog as slowly and as comfortably as it lets you. Reward and praise the dog when they interact with the stroller. 


When the dog finally gets into the stroller, walk them around the house and familiar places slowly. Do this until your dog gets used to the dog pram. After some time, most dogs will fall in love with their strollers. 


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