The Best Dog-friendly Airbnbs in Victoria

Victoria offers a large variety of country, coastal, and city treats. It is one of the best places for vacations and holidays. If you’re looking for a place where pets are not restricted, here are our top recommendations. 

A Renovated Beach House In Rye From $300 Every Night

This is one of the many beach houses in Rye renovated into modern spaces. The house is 100m from cafes and shops. The National Park Surf Beaches are only 400m from the beach house, while the golf courses, breweries, and hot springs are only a two-minute drive. This classic property in the Mornington Peninsula is set among indigenous gardens. 

The Space

The renovated houses have new kitchens and bathrooms. The extensive upper decks have roofed areas that connect to open planned living areas. The living areas feature smart TVs that are mounted to the walls. The TVs can access the wireless internet, Prime, Stan, and Netflix. The outdoor showers and lower decks offer the perfect escape from the hot summer sunshine. The beach and shops are located close to the beach house, allowing you to park and walk or bike the rest of the way to the house. Truly the perfect getaway. 

Other Things To Note

Extra parties and guests are not allowed in the beach house. You will also have neighbours, so there will be no noise pollution. 

An Industrial Conversion In Wilsons Prom From $471.43 Every Night

Eagles Nest is located on a hill 300 metres high. There is an incredible view of a lush green country across Strzelecki, Bass Strait, Wilsons Prom, and Corner Inlet. Comfort and privacy are the retreat’s number one priority. 

A Private Bungalow In Bittern From $136.57 Night

  • At Pozieres Place, you can book a comfortable place for three and add trundle beds for the fourth. The place has complete air conditioning and heating, TV, Netflix, free WIFI, En-suite, and a kitchenette. 
  • HMAS Cerberus is close to the place. 
  • Merricks, Balnarring, and Somers beach. 
  • There are many restaurants and wineries a few minutes drive from the house. 
  • IGA supermarket and Bittern market are close to the place. 
  • A lot of parking spaces for boats. This is suitable for anyone who wants to fish. A ferry to Philip and French island is close by as well.  

The space

  • It is a bungalow on a property 3 acres large. The entrance is private. 
  • Blockout and privacy blinds ensure your space is quiet and comfortable. 
  • The kitchenette has milk, coffee, and tea provided. 
  • Your en-suite will have soap, towels, and shampoo provided. 
  • You can access all free channels and Netflix on the TV.
  • WiFi is free. 

Guest access

Dogs are allowed. 

An Eco Winery Cabin In Paraparap From $172.86 Every Night

Simone Koch, an architect renowned worldwide, designed this cabin. It is perfect for eating, cooking, and enjoying a glass of wine as you enjoy the serene bushes of Australia. Toilets are outdoor and organic. The cabin is located only a few minutes drive from Bells Beach or Torquay. You are advised to bring firewood. 

The space

There are 3 cabins: Amaroo, Carinya and Murlali. They are situated in the bushes of Wolseley winery. The vineyard is entirely organic and powered by solar energy. The winery makes cabernet, pinot, cab franc, shiraz, ries, Botrytis Semillon, and chardonnay. The stoves use wood. 

From $196.21 Every Night, A Tranquil Forest Cottage Available on Mount Dandenong

This is a cottage situated in a Melbourne neighbourhood called Olinda. It is in the Dandenong ranges and therefore perfect for outdoor activities. There is a winery close by. The Caribbean Market and Westfield Knox are the options for shopping. There are also nurseries and a botanic garden in the vicinity. 


Here are Victoria’s Airbnb options that allow you to stay with your dog. They make for some of the top best getaways for winter. 

Cottage in The Dandenong Ranges

This might be an expensive choice, but the tremendous natural views make it worth every dollar. The cottage is located close to Olinda. It is a dog-friendly cottage located on a 7-acre expanse to ensure that your dog can bark freely without disturbing any neighbours. It has a cosy fireplace and a spa, all for $200 a night. 

Rye Is A Great Place To Live Large

The bnb is an architectural beauty. The nearby beaches and golf courses are perfect for your dog to play around in. 

Hastings Bungalow

This is a privately owned Bungalow located close to Hastings. The bungalow is privately owned and is situated on a 3-acre expanse. You will wake up to a serene view, a sea breeze, and the beautiful melodies of the singing Rosellas and Kookaburras. 


The bungalow and main home share the same property. It is dog-friendly, with the owners being dog parents themselves. It goes for $125 a night. 

On The Great Ocean Road, There’s A One Of a Kind Eco-Cabin

Simone Koch, an architect renowned worldwide, designed this cabin. It is perfect for eating, cooking, and enjoying a glass of wine as you enjoy the serene bushes of Australia. Toilets are outdoor and organic. The cabin is located only a few minutes drive from Bells Beach or Torquay. 


There are 3 cabins: Amaroo, Carinya and Murlali. They are all situated in the secluded bushes of Wolseley winery. The vineyard is entirely organic and is powered by solar energy. 


The cabin goes for $190 each night. 

The Woodend Studio Offers Wine

How about trying this underrated getaway in Macedon Ranges? offers excellent value for your money. The private decks allow you to watch the sunset as you enjoy some wine. You can toast marshmallows or enjoy hot chocolate at the fire pits. 


The property is five acres in size, and your dog can therefore roam free without worrying about any noise pollution for your neighbours. The BnB goes for $120 every night. 

Brighten Up Your Day By Heading To The Mountains.

This is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to enjoy the serenity and fresh air of the countryside. The cottage is along the mountain trail and is excellent for cyclists. You can also walk your dogs on the trail. The BnB goes for $196 a night. 

Enjoy The View Point at Prom Wilsons 

The nature here is spectacular, making it one of the best places to go camping. Eagles Nest is located on a mountain 300 metres high. There is an incredible view of a lush green country across Strzelecki, Bass Strait, Wilsons Prom, and Corner Inlet. Comfort and privacy are the retreat’s number one priority.


The property is large and has many directions for you to roam with your dogs. The BnB goes for $230 a night. 

Glenwood Farm at Barn 

This barn offers a beautiful view of a small valley. It is located 160km from Melbourne, in the community of Macks Creek. It gives a very humble countryside vibe, making it an excellent getaway. 


Port Albert, Tarra Bulga, Wilson’s Prom, and the beach are all near this cottage. The views here are spectacular, and the wildlife is in abundance. The cottage goes for $170 a night.


Airbnb is dog friendly.  

Welcome to the Canine-Friendly Office of the Future

Do you, your colleagues, employees, employers, or friends ever romanticise going to work with your dog? Then you’re in luck! Most companies have started creating pet-friendly workplaces. They are providing it as employee packets for their employees who love pets. 


Dogs are very beneficial to the owner’s physical and mental health, and it has even been scientifically proven. You can transfer these benefits to your place of work. 


You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the leading causes of pressure and stress worldwide is work. CEOs, brokers, and casual employees all can suffer from work-induced stress. One takes a break from work in every five Australians due to work-induced anxiety and stress. Therefore, it is clear that the workforce can use some comfort, with dogs being the best option for most places of work. 


With the recent work from home quarantines, it is even harder to wave goodbye to your dog now. This is because most people have already used to sharing working spaces with their pets.


Introducing pets to your workplace might seem like a simple and small step, but the benefits are enormous. Having dogs to interact within your place of work has the following benefits:


  • It reduces the level of stress. It also lowers bp and enhances a person’s coping skills. 
  • It squashes the dog owner’s guilt of leaving their dog lonely at home. 
  • Taking your dog on a walk during lunchtime forces you to enjoy some of the sunshine and clears your brain. 
  • Dogs can boost everyone’s communication and morale. 
  • Your colleagues who do not own dogs get to enjoy some time with them. 
  • Introducing dogs to the workplace can help build a good relationship between the employees and managers. People tend to be very appreciative of small gestures. 

Pet-Friendly Offices In Action 

Are you an employer looking to introduce dogs to your workplace but unsure how well that would work out?


Most big companies have already introduced pet-friendly places of work. 


You should start by cleverly adjusting your architecture. The floor should be sleek and made of rubber, while the seats should be made of faux leather. This way, everything is easier to clean. There should also be a gated area for your employees’ privacy and a play lounge for the dogs. 


The private room in the office is meant for use by the employees and dogs who are not very social. There should be bowls of water and beds for the dogs throughout the workplace. Everything should be designed from the perspective of the dogs. 


Being pet-friendly does not mean that the workspace is wholly curated. Minimal changes to your workspace and the addition of a few simple guidelines can help any company become a pet-friendly environment. 


An office dog can also get a personal badge that gets scanned upon arrival at an Airbnb. The office dog is also included in the company’s database and has its profile to reassure the owners that their dogs are cared for. 


Companies like MTC have already introduced a dog-friendly work environment. They have the importance of the companionship of canines. Some dogs have even gained the title of mental-health officer. Getting some canine love for a couple of minutes is enough to clear everyone’s mind at the office. 


Uber, Google, and Amazon have also created dog-friendly work environments. 

Making Your Office Pet-Friendly

Educate everyone at the office, create new guidelines that are very clear to everyone, and implement fair rules. 


Every dog is brilliant, magical, fantastic, and unique. Dogs have different breeds, personalities, moods, preferences, etc. Some are friendly to cats, people, and dogs, while others keep more to themselves. 


It is essential to set principles and guidelines that will help everyone at the office feel comfortable and safe, including the dogs. Remember that the workplace should be comfortable for both overly energetic puppies to less social senior dogs. This could easily be a disaster if not handled with care.  


Ensure that all dogs in the office have peaceful and private places anytime they want to rest or take a nap. Here, they should not be disturbed by the employees or the rest of the dogs. 


For a cost-friendly option that works perfectly, try propping some comfortable beds under your employees’ desks, where their dogs can rest. This will save you the trouble of having to remodel the entire office. The desks can be spread out to create more space for the dogs. 


One of the essential considerations is if the office has enough space for dogs to play and mingle. Dogs in the office sound like fun, but it can be not very easy if the proper measures and infrastructure are not set in place. 


To reduce chaos, you can create roasters that call for only a small group of dogs to be in the roaming spaces at a time. Try going with pairs or three dogs at a time. 


The next thing to consider is your employees. What skills do the employees and employers have to help take care of the dogs during office hours? Are the employees a small and close-knit group, or do they number in the hundreds?


You should create a dog-free space for the employees or employers who do not like dogs or are allergic to them. This will ensure that everyone at the office works comfortably. If your workplace has multiple floors, try opening one for dogs. 


Another option is creating dog-free days. Dogs can be allowed into the offices only a few days of the week. You can couple this with the option for your employees to work at home on the said days if they do not like dogs. 


It is also essential to have someone professional supervising the dogs in the open spaces. You can also simply allow the owners to mingle with the pups during break time. 

Set Up Some Guidelines 

  • Come up with a schedule that outlines how employees mingle with their dogs. How many dogs are allowed into the working spaces at a go? Which days are the dogs allowed into the offices?
  • Should the dogs be gated, penned, crated, or leashed? Are they allowed to mingle with the other pups, play in the office or roam around? 
  • What rules have you established about dog behaviour and etiquette?
  • Ensure that all the employees are educated about dogs and how they communicate. They should also be trained on etiquette to avoid harassment of the dogs. 

Dogs In This Office: 

  • Must be vaccinated.
  • Must be potty trained. 
  • They must be good boys around people. 
  • Must play friendly when with other dogs. 
  • Must be chilled and not disruptive.
  • Must not bring a plus one. 

Consider Your Infrastructure 

  • If the dogs can freely roam, are there any inaccessible or gated areas in the office that can control their movement? 
  • Are the floors in your workplace made of material that is easy to clean? Are detergents and other cleaning materials readily accessible? 
  • Does the workplace have grassy patches outside where the pups can go for a toilet break? You can also provide eco-friendly bags for the dogs, and it’d be great for the office’s environment. 

Know How To Deal With Difficult Situations

Dogs can be pretty unpredictable. Genuine mistakes can happen in the workplace. All the employees should know how to handle such situations and should have managed expectations for owners and their pets. Establishing guidelines for a chaotic scenario can help everyone get by better if it happens. 


Dogs that do not like each other can be rostered on separate days. Solitary dogs can also have solo offices with their owners. Dogs that are too energetic or destructive should be leashed, etc.


Remember that offices are not dog parks. Confining too many dogs in a single place can be disastrous, so ensure to rotate their schedules. 

Office, Meet Dog

A few of the dogs will adjust to the office quickly and naturally, while some of them might require to be eased into the whole office situation.


Owners can accompany their dogs to the office before their first shift. This will help the dog explore, sniff, and familiarise themselves with the strange environment. It would be best to introduce them in a neutral environment with little stimulus. Keep the dogs in the office for only a few minutes or hours, then progress.  


Employees can watch a buddy’s dog for the first days when they are busy, e.g. in meetings, bathrooms, etc. 

When Working With Dogs Isn’t An Option

Sometimes, introducing dogs to the workplace can be a catastrophe. 


Being flexible is one of the essential factors in a workplace. Whether full or part-time, you can let your employees work from their homes. This is usually an excellent compromise that helps give them time with their dogs. 


Employees can also try taking their pups to a doggy daycare if they do not want to leave them alone at home. 


Pet-friendly offices are usually great for the employers, employees, and even the pets’ well-being. It can drastically improve everyone’s productivity. 


Introducing pets to the workspaces isn’t as scary as it might sound. You just need the correct planning, architecture, guidelines, and enthusiasm. Making dogs, your coworker will go a long way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In Victoria?

  • Element Melbourne, Richmond
  • Zagame’s House, Carlton
  • Warburton Motel, Warburton
  • Bindley House, Kilmore
  • Birches Serviced Apartments, East Melbourne

Are Dogs Allowed In Victorian Airbnbs?

In a few Airbnbs, owners are allowed to bring their dogs. This, however, is entirely a decision that your host makes. They often specify such information on the bnb’s page, together with additional charges or conditions. Never bring your dog without the owner’s consent, as it can lead to a cancelled booking, extra fee, or a negative review. 

Does Airbnb Charge For Dogs In Victoria?

There is no standard fee, but it is entirely up to the host. They can freely dictate any cleaning and pet fees. Pet-friendly Airbnbs are often a little bit more costly than standard ones. 

Are Dogs Allowed On Phillip Island?

On some beaches, yes. The nature park on the island usually manages around 1805 ha of fauna and flora reserves. This includes around 60% of the beaches. Most of these beaches and reserves do not allow dogs to protect the native plant and animal life. It also helps to keep other tourists comfortable. 

Are Dogs Allowed At Smiths Beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed in some public spaces. However, it is crucial to make sure that the dogs behave appropriately. Some zones are leash-free, allowing the owners to let their pups exercise and enjoy the lake. Remember to keep your dog safe throughout the trip. 

Where Is The Pet-Friendly Option On Airbnb?

On the Airbnb website, type in the destination, the date, and how many guests you will be bringing. After searching, click on the ‘more filters’ option on the page showing the results. Scroll to ‘House rules’ on the menu that pops up. Click on ‘Pets allowed. The results will only display pet-friendly listings. 


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