2022 Review of the Best Elevated Dog Bowls for Helping Your Pet

The canine is widely considered as man’s best friend. Why would an owner make man’s best friend eat off the floor then? There are many health benefits to raising a dog bowl or feed bowl.

Besides straightening out the spine while eating is take place it allows for an easier digestive process as the food is not fighting gravity as it is consumed. This offers the dog a more dignified and comfortable eating position.

An elevated dog bowl is an easy way to make a dog more comfortable around the household and it simply takes raising the food bowl to be effective.

Recommended elevated dog bowl – Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

There are many reasons to elevate a dog bowl. One is arthritis. Older dogs find eating their food with a raised food bowl to be less pain intensive as they do not have to bend down and thus do not aggravate their arthritis. The eating position becomes more “natural” as it puts less stress on the neck and reduces the chance of other ophthalmologic diseases. The same applies to the older owners with arthritis.

It is easier to pick up and refill dog bowls that are elevated. Dog bowls that are elevated are also generally cleaner as less hair, dirt, and dust settle in them since they are elevated off the ground. This makes clean up easier as the bowls can be pulled to the side and the ground underneath them mopped or swept. Plus, on-the-ground bowls generally have a tendency to slide across the floor during the dining process, scattering food everywhere.

The elevated food bowl prevents this from happening. This allows owners of all age ranges greater flexibility when cleaning around the feeding bowl and makes the chore less meticulous.

Another thing to obviously take into consideration is the cost. Raised dog bowls can become very expensive for no reason. There are some raised dog bowls that are over 100 dollars. Most of these brands will come with an automatic food dispenser. Other elevated food bowls have the options to be folded up and brought along on family trip as they are travel feeders. If there isn’t a need for this then do not buy it, it’s that simple.

Know what is required for the food bowl and only get that. That is the best way to avoid overpaying for an elevated food bowl and not be suckered into buying very expensive dog bowl. There are just as many inexpensive options that work just as well as the expensive raised dog bowls.

Avoiding Bloat

Now, there is a lot of literature out there about bloat in the dog world and how this emergency situation is tied to elevated dog bowls. There are concerns over using raised food bowls when it comes to gastric dilatation volvulus or simply “bloat” and if the raised food bowls increase the chances of this happening.

Bloat is an emergency medical condition that occurs in a dog when the stomach rotates while feeding and thus trapping any gasses, fluids, or solids in the stomach. This can be life threatening for a canine or any other pet. Bloat requires immediate surgery to untwist the stomach, allowing for the free passage of and solids, liquids or gasses that were trapped. Surgery, though, is not a guarantee for survival and many dogs that receive immediate medical care still end up passing on into a new life. This makes bloat a very scary situation for both owners and pets.

The problem arises with the fact that dogs eat faster when the food bowl is not on the ground putting them at an increased risk for bloat. This is why many brands of raised food bowls will come with devices to slow eating down. This is always highly recommended, of course, as it decreases the risk of gastric dilatation volvulus significantly. Some types of dogs that are more susceptible to bloat are larger dogs or giant breeds. At the end of the day, bloat remains an anomaly in dogs. Veterinarians do not seriously know what causes it. All dogs, from small to giant breeds, are at risk of bloat. The giant dogs are normally at a higher risk than other breeds.

Bloat is an elusive illness and there is not a lot of documented literature on the role raised food bowls play with increasing the odds of bloat. This is simply the stigma around raised food bowls currently. There are more documented causes or correlations between bloat and dogs that have a deep-chest, like a German shepherd or a Doberman, eat quickly, eat extremely large meals, and, surprisingly enough, dogs with family members that have suffered from bloat. This last one has led researchers to think there may be a genetic predisposition to having a run in with bloat, though they are not 100 percent positive of this yet.

Another strategy to combat bloat when using a raised food bowl is buying a smaller bowl and portioning out the amount of food the dog is given. This, when used in conjunction with the slow feeder option for a food bowl, would be helpful for your dog’s overall health. It would also be a good idea to buy an elevated food bowl with an adjustable height setting to help find the perfect place for the hungry pooch.

Why Buy a Rasied Dog Bowl?

There are many benefits that come with having an elevated dog bowl, especially for aging dogs and owners. A raised feeding bowl can reduce the stress placed on both the owner’s and dog’s bones. The major drawback to raised bowls is the possible connection to gastric dilatation volvulus. It is unknown how or if raised food bowls play a role in aggravating the chances of this occurring but there are ways to mitigate this terrible emergency.

One of these ways is buying bowls with installed slow feeder devices to ensure that the hungry pooch takes his time eating. Another way to accomplish that same goal, without the fancy gizmos, is simply buying a smaller feeding bowl and portioning the food out. Here are some options for elevated dog bowls to fit any owner’s wants or needs.

Best Elevated Dog Bowl Reviews

IRIS Airtight Elevated Dog Storage Feeder With Two Stainless Steel Bowls

IRIS Airtight Elevated Dog

The IRIS airtight Elevated Do Storage Feeder provides owners with a raised dog bowl with easy storage capability of food. It is very practical in its design and cuts down on the amount of space needed between a raised food bowl and the food storage container. This specific brand comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It also comes in three different colors to best match the kitchen décor.

The available colors are black, green, and tan. Each container holds about 2 quarts of water or food and both containers are removable for easy cleaning. The food bowls and storage unit are all BPA free as well. The storage space itself holds up to 64 cups for the largest option. The other two sizes hold 20 cups and 46 cups respectively.

The IRIS Airtight Elevated Dog Storage Feeder’s features airtight clamps that prevent a pet access to the food even if the dog puts up a good fight. The size of the largest option is 21.5 x 14.3 x 15 inches and it weighs roughly 4.7 pounds. The unit also features non-skid feet to prevent any slipping or sliding across the floor.

Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

The Neater Feeder Dog Bowl is an elevated dog bowl designed to make clean up hassle free. The Neater Feeder accomplishes this by having a collection tray underneath the actual feeding level which also has a guard around the feed bowl to prevent any food or water from spilling out. After dinner is complete, just remove the top section that houses the two food bowls and pour out any spilled water from the lower section.

The company states that the neater feeder is both spill proof and kick proof (when the kicking occurs while feeding). It also is one of the best feeders for collecting drool during feeding. The guard protects the area from ejected slobber and the slobber collects in the pan the same as the water, making drool cleanup even easier. This specific style of food bowl comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and is available in two different colors, bronze and cranberry. The Neater Feeder is also compatible with slow feed bowls though they do not come with the unit itself.

Outward Hound 3in1 Up Feeder Elevated Raised Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Outward Hound 3in1 Up Feeder Elevated Raised Slow Feed Dog Bowl

The Outward Hound 3in1 Up Feeder is really everything an owner wants in a good elevated feeder. It comes with a slow feed bowl built in, it has adjustable height suited for different sizes of pets, and it is elevated to help align the spine and take stress of the dog while eating. The Outward Hound Feeder comes in two colors: pink and white.

It holds up to 4 cups of food and is BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free. This ergonomically designed dog bowl was developed with canine safety in mind. The unit features a slip resistant base and the dog bowl itself detaches from the unit to make cleaning easier. It’s even dishwasher safe making it that much easier to clean. The product at its tallest is 11inches high to accommodate larger dogs.

Keep in mind that the bowl is designed as a slow feeder which means that it is not the best for use as a water bowl. Many customers also note that with the use of this elevated slow feeder the amount of times canines throw up after quick eating session practically stops, not decreases, stops. The slow feeder works for dogs and encourages better digestive health.

Iconic Pet Adjustable Stainless Steel U Design Double Diner Dog Bowl

Iconic Pet Adjustable Stainless Steel U Design Double Diner Dog Bowl

The Iconic Pet Adjustable Stainless U Design Pet Feeder has a unique design that is simplistic yet functional and can complement the décor of a household. The bowls can be adjusted to the perfect height for any dog or cat. Each bowl can be adjusted independently of the other to allow for perfect height for multiple pets. The Iconic Pet feeder comes in three sizes: 8 cups, 12 cups, and 20 cups for the big dogs. That is each individual bowl. The unit also features anti-skid rubber bottoms to prevent excessive spilling.

The bowls are securely fastened to a wrought iron frame making this a very sturdy feeder. Despite being this sturdy, Iconic Pet designed the bowls to be easily removable for cleaning purposes. The largest dog bowl has a size of 23.8 x 11.5 x 5 inches and it weighs just 3.6 pounds. This feeder is moderately priced but it is exactly what it claims to be, no shortcuts at all. The pricing makes sense when sturdiness and flexibility for adjustments in heights is taken into account. The bowls really can be positioned just right to provide a pet with the most benefits to their health and their skeletomuscular system.


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