Getting A Dog Cooling Mat: 9+ Questions Answered

Summer is difficult for dogs as hotter temperatures can leave them feeling sweaty and hot. A dog cooling mat reduces the risk of heatstroke and could prevent your pet from passing out, especially in extreme or protracted heat.

As for the dogs, panting is ineffective because it doesn’t release excess heat. But an ice mat can help cool your dog’s fur during hot and humid summers by providing a cool surface to lay on. They can also provide relief after an intense play session!

What Is A Dog Cooling Mat?

Some dogs prefer to lie on tiles or concrete because they cool faster than wooden floors and carpets. A Dog Cooling Mat is a strip of material you can place in your dog’s or cat’s bed or crate that will help keep them cooler. They have the same purpose, but all are different types of mats.

What Consists of A Pet Cooling Mat?

It depends on what type of cooling mat you purchase, but if it’s a simple one, water is all that’s inside. If it doesn’t have water and is filled with chemicals, please check the label to ensure that it is safe and wholesome for your dog. They can remain more relaxed than something with water in it, but they may create a hazard if you have a pet that chews on them.

Some pets are not good candidates for cooling mats because they might be a danger to the pet. In particular, dogs that chew and digest items may ingest the water particles and risk developing gut issues or experiencing kidney damage. If your dog likes to chew, he is a less-than-ideal candidate for a chemically filled cooling mat.

Water-Filled Mats

Water-filled mats are a helpful product that can be used for any activity. They’re safe, affordable, and easy to use! Once activated and filled with cold water and placed on the ground, they’ll stay cool for 7 hours.

However, one downside about them is that they may tend to get mildew, leaking, and spilling, especially if chewed on by your dog.

Ice Pack Cooling Mats

The mat is made of bamboo fibre material and includes an inner lining of foam, which allows air to move in and out of the mat quickly. Start by putting the ice packs in your freezer overnight before inserting them into the cooling pad. Some dogs may find them uncomfortable at the start because they’re typically cold when used for the first time.

Pressure Activated Cooling Mat

These Cooling Mats require no water or electricity to work. They cool your pet down while they relax and can last up to 4 hours, depending on the size of your pet. The mats are activated by the weight that pets put on them while they lie down and automatically recharge themselves when not in use.

You can find a cooling mat with a non-toxic gel or place it in ice or the fridge. If you decide to buy a pressure-activated hot/cold pad, only using them in shaded areas is often recommended. If you put the mat with the gel in direct sunlight, the oil may absorb too much heat and no longer perform its intended tasks.

Popularly Used Dog Cooling Mat In Australia

The Australian inventory has been seen as a good way of getting the AFP Pet Cooling Mat. The design, which ensures that it remains cooler than average room temperatures for up to 10 degrees, is non-toxic, and easy to clean are positive aspects that have made this product popular. However, they are rare and can be hard to find at times.

You can check across most leading online retailers to see if they have the AFP Pet Cooling Mat in stock, such as Amazon, Catch, and Pet Circle. If they’re sold out everywhere, you can often still buy them from Amazon with international shipping included.

What To Do When AFP Pet Cooling Mat Sold Out

Australia’s summers can be pretty hot, which causes an uptick in pet sales. Consequently, it’s essential to know where to turn when you run out of an AFP Pet Cooling Mat. Start by looking at local retailers such as Bunnings and Pet Supermarket, who generally have their products in stock ahead of the summer.

How To Use A Dog Cooling Mat

A dog cooling mat offers your dog relief when they get overheated. They use a mat to keep cool by lying on it, so your dog might not be used to it straight away. You can do some things to make the transition easier for them.  

You can try to get your dog’s attention on the cooling mat and make it more interesting. It may seem tedious at first, but they will learn to sit and stay on the mat if you praise them. As a result, you can reward them when they lie down when instructed. It makes it easier for them to lie on the mat independently.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool At Night

On those steamy summer nights, dogs can find the heat harsh. They usually want to shed their coat when they sleep, but that can be difficult in a room that’s already doing its best to make them sweat, especially at night.

Keeping your pet cool at night is one of the best and most practical ways to make them more comfortable. If you need something safer than a cooling mat, you should also give that a try.

There are many ways to keep your dog hydrated during the summer months, but the easiest way is to freeze water bottles filled with fresh water in advance. You can easily place these bottles next to your dog at night, so other water sources do not tempt it.

Can Fans Keep Dogs Cool?

Many people are aware of a fan’s positive effects on a dog. It offers white noise, which can block out sounds if any outside that might bother your pet and help them sleep more peacefully. It’s not clear if fans do help dogs cool off.

Dogs don’t exasperate through their skin the same way humans do, so fans might not work for them. When you choose to air out your home, it’s important to remember that external cooling systems like fans will only help with excessive humidity.

How Long Can Dog Cooling Mats Last?

The length of time a dog cooling mat will last will depend on the type of mat you’re using. The average cooling mat should last 3-4 hours, but it’s best to check the instructions that came with it to be sure. You can also reach out to the business that sold you your cooling mat if they run into an issue.

Can You Put Cooling Mats in a Refrigerator?

Yes, you can put cooling mats in a refrigerator. This works best if a gel or water-based dog cooling mat as the process makes the cooling pad colder quicker. However, it is unnecessary as they cool on their own; the refrigerator quickens the process.

Are Dog Cooling Mats Safe If Chewed On?

Cooling mats are a convenient and safe way to keep your dog cool during hot summers. This can be a hazard if chewed or digested by dogs. To prevent any health hazards, it’s recommended to monitor them at the start and make sure they stay hydrated.

Though some items are safe for dogs, many can cause them damage. Be sure to evaluate what your dog can access carefully, and if you’re unsure, discuss it with a vet or trainer.

Are The Chemicals Used In Dog Cooling Mats Toxic?

Though Cooling Mats are not toxic, they can become dangerous if your dog chews on them or swallows them. If you notice that your pet has eaten something like this, take it to the vet for a checkup.

Can Humans Use Pet Cooling Mats?

Yes, humans can use cooling mats for dogs. Dogs themselves are perfectly safe around them, so go ahead and feel safe using them on a blazing hot day. 

Are Dog Cooling Mats Worth Purchasing?

Dog cooling mats are a great way to help keep your dog cool and comfortable. They can also be used as a bed for your dog. But before you spend the money on one, there are some things you should know about them.

The first thing you should know is that they are not all created equal. Some of these mats can be dangerous for your pet, so it’s best to research before you buy one. It would be best to make sure that the mat would fit in your home or apartment before buying it.

Some dog mats can be too small or too large for certain breeds of dogs and may not provide proper cooling if their body is too big or small for the mat’s size. This means they may just be wasting money on a product that doesn’t suit

Bottom Line 

Dogs are animals that can suffer from the heat. So, it’s essential to keep them cool and comfortable in hot weather. A cooling mat is a good option for your dog because it can help prevent overheating, increase their comfort levels, and reduce the risk of heatstroke.

Sometimes, your dog will be slow to figure out the cooling mat. However, many dogs love this mat when they do find out. If your dog doesn’t seem interested in the cooling mat, you can use it to cool yourself or your children?



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