What’s The Best Dog Harness For Australians? (2022 Update)

Many Australian dog owners spend unbelievable money and time searching for dog harnesses that perfectly suit their needs. No one expects it to be as hard as it is. 

Choosing perfect dog harnesses for your dogs can be complicated. There is a wide variety of harnesses in the market for the owner to pick from, and dogs have different body types and sizes. Whatever suits your dog best might be a terrible match for someone else’s dog. 

Knowing what to look for will undoubtedly put you a step above the rest when choosing a dog harness. This article is meant to educate you and help you choose a harness for your dog. 

Types Of Dog Harnesses

Buying a design that is just right for your dog is more crucial than going for a specific harness brand. 

Every dog can perform wide-ranging movements with its shoulders. You should make sure your harness does not restrict the dog’s movements or hurt the dog. Y-shaped dog harnesses are recommended. Avoid harnesses with straight bars across your chest. 

Dogs have different proportions and sizes. To get the size that fits your dog best, get your dog fitted by professional fitters. Dog trainers and vets sometimes offer this service. 

Here are examples of some of the most popular Y-shaped harnesses for dogs:

The Perfect Fit Harness—Modular Harness

Most trainers and vets in the country highly recommend this type of harness. It works best for many dogs. 


It is often fitted and sold by your local vet, meaning that you can get professional help fitting your dog with the proper harness for them. 


The harness is modular, i.e. owners only have to purchase more extensive modules once their dogs outgrow the harnesses and not whole sets.

Barkbay No Pull Front Clip Dog Harness

This harness is made of no-rip, lightweight nylon. It has front clips fixed at the chest. The manufacturer says that the materials used to make the harness are ultra-breathable and anti-chafe. This ensures that your dog is comfortable. The harness also has a back clip and a pocket for an ID where you can store information for your dog in case they get lost. 


The harness makes controlling your dog easy. It also helps leash training your dog. The straps are reflective to ensure visibility at night. The harness is padded to make your dog comfortable. 


Some customers complain that the harness is too tight and difficult to adjust. 

What’s The Best Harness For A Puppy?

The harness that suits your puppy best is the harness that fits your puppy’s size is Y-shaped and has comfortable paddings. The harness you pick should not restrict your puppy’s movements. 


Ask trainers and vets for help fitting your puppy with a dog harness. You can do this during socialisation groups for puppies. 


One of the most recommended puppy harnesses is the Perfect Fit Harness. Use a dog trainer or a vet to help get the correct fit for your puppy. Puppies can grow with their modular harnesses. 

Nervous Dog Harness—Awareness Harnesses

The awareness harness comes in many variations designed to help the dog communicate its needs in public. 

Are Leather Harnesses Good For Dogs?

These harnesses are only good if they are Y-shaped and fit your dog perfectly. They are like every other harness but made of leather. 


Leather is preferred by dog owners because:


  • It is natural (a by-product of meat industries)
  • People appreciate craftsmanship. 
  • Leather is very durable and long-lasting. 

What’s The Best Dog Car Harness?

These harnesses are made to keep dogs safe when in a moving car. 


Drive Harness is highly recommended for cars. It has two handles which you can fasten a safety belt through. 


The safest method to transport a dog in a car is in a crate or a dog seat belt and harness combo. Whatever technique you adopt, your dog should never sit in the front seat — putting them in the cargo area or rear seat behind a front seat is safer.

Personalised Dog Harnesses

Personalising a product is incredibly helpful. You can personalise a harness to be more secure. 

Are Tactical Harnesses Good For Dogs?

This type of harness is usually used with working and service dogs. They are perfect for any outdoor activity like camping or hiking. 

Dog Harness Backpacks

It can be used when taking your dog on an outdoor adventure. Dogs enjoy wearing them a lot since the harnesses keep them busy. It also creates additional space in your backpack. 

How Does A Step-In Harness Work?

Most dogs do not like a harness that goes over the dog’s head. With a step-in harness, nothing goes over the dog’s head as they instead step into the harness.  

Cute & Stylish Dog Harnesses

Harnesses also come in many elegant and cute styles. Look them up on Etsy, Instagram or Amazon. 

Harness by breed

Here is a wide variety of dog breeds, and they all have different shoulder breadths. Finding a harness for a specific dog breed can be challenging. Here are some helpful pointers:

What’s the best Dachshund harness?

Y-shaped harnesses are the best types of harnesses for dachshunds. The harness should be adjustable or personalised so that your dachshund does not slip. 

What kind of harness is best for a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs wear a harness to prevent breathing problems when pulling on leashes and wear collars. 

What is the best harness for a Greyhound?

Personalised harnesses or harnesses made for greyhounds are the ones that fit them the best. 


The long bodies and shrunken heads of greyhounds make most harnesses a lousy match for the dog breed. 

What’s the best harness for a Chihuahua?

Customised or adjustable harnesses are the best fitting for the small dog breed. They tend to slip from other harnesses easily. 

What’s the best harness for a Staffy?

Ruffwear Front Range Harness is usually the most recommended harness for Staffies. Staffies can wear the harness very quickly. It is also very comfortable for them because of the padded and adjustable design of the harness. 


The harnesses you choose for Staffies should have soft inner linings (like fleece). This protects Staffy’s skin.


Perfect Fit Harness is very comfortable for Staffies and is also a good choice. 

What’s the best harness for a Labrador?

The perfect harness for a Labrador should have high-quality stitchings and be made of solid material. The harness should also fit your dog perfectly- not loose and not tight. 

Why use a harness for a dog?

Every dog needs exercise to stay healthy. It is required by law to have a leash on your dog when in a public place. Leashes are attached to collars or harnesses. 


Collars can lead to some health problems for dogs that pull on the leashes firmly. Most dog owners tend to go for dog harnesses instead of collars. The harness avoids all the health complications and keeps your dog comfortable. 

How To Fit A Dog Harness

Harnesses are more comfortable and less harmful to dogs than collars. This, however, depends on how well the harness is fitted and designed. Every harness should be designed to ensure the leads have tension. The materials covering your dog’s chest area should also not push on the dog’s gullet or trachea. 


You should also ensure that the dog harness does not restrict your dog’s shoulder movement. The shoulders blades of your dogs should float as it is meant to. A harness that impinges on the dog’s shoulders can cause health complications for your dog. 


When fitting a harness, ensure you measure the following places:


To fit a harness, you want to measure your dog in two places:


  • Around the dogs’ necks, where collars usually sit. 
  • Around their chest, where it’s thickest.


Use a string and ruler or tape measures to take down these measurements.  

Can A Harness Hurt Your Dog?

Yes, harnesses can hurt your dog. Harnesses that are not correctly designed and fitted hurt dogs. Ensure that your dog’s harness is adequately designed. The design should consider the dog’s body type and anatomy, and you fit it perfectly. Incorrect fitting of the harness will impact the mobility of your dog. This can lead to joint-related health complications such as an arthritic condition or inflammation around the joints. 


Your dog should be trained to walk loose-leash without pulling on the leash. Pulling can cause health complications too. Remember to ensure that the harness is fitted perfectly to your dog. 

Which Is The Safest Harness?

Reviews on online sites aren’t always accurate. Every dog is different, and therefore a single harness that fits them all does not exist. Dogs with long legs will require a harness adapted to their anatomy, which will b different from a harness meant for dogs with short legs. The body length also plays a role in determining the dog’s perfect harness. Always get help from a professional such as a trainer or a vet before fitting your dog. 


Here are some things to remember when getting harnesses for your dogs:


  • The dog harnesses should be adjusted to fit your dogs properly. Getting the correct fit for a dog is crucial before buying a harness. 
  • Ensure that when you tighten the harness, the material covering your dog’s chest area doesn’t push on your dog’s gullet or trachea. 
  • Ensure that the waist belts are adjustable. This prevents pressuring the dog’s spine and allows for adjustment for individual dogs. 
  • The dog harness should buckle at the back. 
  • Ensure the dog harness does not restrict your dog’s shoulder movements. Restriction of movement can cause health problems for your dog down the road. 


Are Collars Bad For Dogs?

Yes, a collar can cause health issues for a dog that pulls. The throat is usually a very vulnerable part of the body for most animals. There are very many glands, muscles, and veins in the neck. When dogs pull, the collar on the dog can damage and irritate these organs, leading to health complications. 

Are Perfect Fit Harnesses Good? 

Many vets and dog trainers in Australia recommend The Perfect Fit Harness, and we enjoy using it.


Most trainers and vets recommend this type of harness. They are comfortable and grow with your dog. You can also buy the harnesses through trainers and vets. This will ensure you get professional help when fitting your dog. 


The harness is modular, i.e. owners only have to purchase more extensive modules once their dogs outgrow the harnesses and not whole sets.


The harness might be costly, but it is worth every dollar. 

What’s Good About The Perfect Fit Harness

The harness is padded with fleece. This ensures the dog’s comfort. You can also wash the harness in the washing machine. 


The harnesses have back and front-attaching rings that can be used when training your dog to walk with a leash. 


You can unclip every module, meaning the dog can simply step into and out of the harness. 


The design of the harnesses ensures that you will always find a fit that perfectly suits your dogs. A comfortable and snug fit reduces the dog’s slipping out of the harness. There is also a reduced chance of health complications. 

What’s Not So Good About The Perfect Fit Harness

  • The harnesses are pretty challenging to come across locally. 
  • Buying online is confusing because of the varying sizes and modules. 
  • They are expensive. The bigger the dog, the more you will have to pay. 
  • Your dog’s hair can stick onto the padding, making it hard to clean.
  • The different buckles in every module can take some time to get used to completely.  

Where Can You Buy The Perfect Fit Harness In Australia?

Dog owners have two choices when they want to buy this type of harness in the country:


  1. Get a trainer, vet, or store that stocks them locally, then book for your dog to be fitted. 
  2. Order your harness online from Great Britain. 


Finding someone who stocks the locally can be pretty tricky. Get your dog to be fitted professionally before buying the harness if you find one. Remember to check that the harness meets all the requirements discussed in this article to avoid harming your dog. 


If you choose to buy them online, get your dog fitted professionally to buy the correct size. Shipping can cost about 10 pounds. 

Bottom Line

To ensure your dog’s comfort and prevent any health complications from developing, ensure that the harness you choose fits your dog perfectly. The Perfect Fit Harness remains our no.1 choice because of its comfort and adjustability. 


However, remember always to get a harness that perfectly suits your dog. Sometimes, custom-making one might be the best way to go. 


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