The Best Queensland Dog-Friendly Airbnbs

Sometimes you just want to get away, take a short holiday with your dog and enjoy and relax.  However, some places don’t allow dogs, and if they do, they place many restrictions that make it almost impossible to enjoy your holiday. 


For your pooch not to miss out, you need a place that allows pets and has no restrictions. That’s why in this post, ill take you through the best Queensland Airbnbs that will best suit you and your pooch. Let’s jump straight into it. 

1. Country Creek Retreat

Country Creek is a dazzling country retreat suitable for dogs as it has a mixture of nature and elegance in its design. The retreat is covered by the rainforest as well as Noosa Eumundi sets up the best summer and winter getaway and escapes the city’s dynamic nature. 

2. Quaint Guest Suite 

Quaint Suite is your safest bet for tranquillity if you’re looking for an elegant, cool, and breezy beach escape. It offers you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the features of Mudjimba Beach or experience the relaxing sound of native birds chirping. 

3. The Farm on Razorback Ridge

Razorback Ridge is another exciting escapade that can suit your dog as it has a luxurious feel to it which is just what you and your dog need. What is even more ‘thrilling is that the Sunshine beaches are just a drive away, which creates an opportunity for a lifetime adventure. 

4. Miranda Downs Stylish Country Cabin

If your goal is to look for a unique country setup escape, then look no further as Miranda Downs offers your an amazing country fantasy that will transform your experience. Additionally, it has a massive view of the beautiful landscape and animals. It’s an excellent place for you and your dog to take a break. 

5. Treehaus

Treehaus is one of the most dog-friendly places that will offer you a fantastic experience and have excellent features that allow you to take great pictures. The Trehaus is near Coolum beach, which allows you to swim as you reminisce about nature. 

6. Vanlife – Campervan

Vanlife offers a life-changing opportunity for you and mans best friend to take a weekend off and have a wonderful experience. Even though it lacks a bathroom, it has made up for it in other ways as it offers numerous amenities. It’s an excellent replacement for camping, making it popular among many. 

7. The Dome House

If you’re looking for a unique and quality Airbnbs that suits your dog, then Dome House is the place to be. TIt has a vast space that will help your dog roam around, and it also comes with elegant designs like a treehouse. It also features a BBQ section, a nearby national park, a pool, a beach, and a spacious garden. 

8. Brisbane Getaway

If you’re looking for a quality and elevated space, then Perfect Pet is the best place. It is a stylish apartment with an elegant design to shape your and your dog’s experience. It has a pool on the rooftop, but it also has a vast space, which makes it exciting. 

9. The Range

The Range is a spacious yet sophisticated property that ensures you and your dog have sufficient space to relax. The space comes with an entertainment section, an elegant kitchen, and a perfect view. The best part is that it’s only a few minutes away from the best beaches in Australia. 

10. Hinterland Villa

Luxury gold is also an elegant space with a pool section to transform your experience. The property also has remarkable views, a beach vibe, and a hot tub. And even though it’s mostly a dog-friendly section, it also suits horses perfectly. However, it only has one official bedroom, so you’ll be best suited to come with people you’re comfortable with. 


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