Melbourne’s Best Dog-friendly Beaches

While most dogs enjoy the beach, not all dogs see it as a great opportunity due to their hostility to water. However, you can still take your dog to the beach as many things (playing in the sand). Some beaches don’t allow pets, whereas others only allow them during certain seasons. 


However, pet beach restrictions shouldn’t be a massive challenge as the restrictions are often lifted while numerous beaches allow dogs. In this post, ill walk you through some of the best beaches you take your dog to in Melbourne.  Let’s get straight into it. 

1. Sandown Street Beach 

Even though there are a couple of beaches suitable for dogs, Sandown Street is the best pick as it is strategically located, making it dog-friendly. It’s approximately 11km from the central business district and is also within reach of excellent cafes and stores. 


Similarly, the beach is effectively fenced to guarantee your dog’s security so that you don’t worry about someone taking off with your dog. Also, its waters are shallow, which is suitable for dogs that aren’t comfortable with deep end water. It’s a strategically set up beach that all dogs will find enthusiastic. 

2. PA Burns Reserve

PA burns are located on the west side of Melbourne, and it offers various experiences that you and your dog will find interesting. It comes with a wide beach and shallow water to ensure water scared dogs can also have their fair share of fun. Even though it isn’t fenced, your dog can still roam around while having fun. 


Similarly, the beach also has a parkland that helps you and your dog shake off the sand from your feet before hopping onto the car. At PA Burns beach, you’ll also find quality chips and fish to retrieve the energy spent having fun. 

3. St Kilda West Beach

St Kilda beach is another superb beach that suits many dogs as it’s close to the city, which means there will be people looking and taking quality pictures of you and your dogs’ activities. That being said, St Kilda is the most social beach, which makes it famous to most people. 


Additionally, the beach is close to an elegant pavilion cafe that allows you to grab hot coffee as you watch your dog run around the beach. The views of this beach make it the place for you and your dog to be.

4. Whites Beach

Whites Beach is a spectacular beach for your dog to have a fun day as it has waves that are primarily suitable for energetic dogs. It’s only approximately 80 minutes from the central business district, making it a relatively chill place. 


Theres also a salty dog cafe where you can stop by and enjoy the view with your dog. So if you’re looking for a chill and relaxed beach, you should consider the Whites beach.

5. Warrandyte River Reserve

Even though Warrandyte Reserve isn’t a beach, it still gives the same vibe as a beach. It’s a superb place for your dog to relax and have fun. It has shallow ends suitable for your dog, even if it’s hostile to water. Besides that, the area is also suitable for enjoying the view. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Not all beaches tolerate pets or dogs. And so, before you plan to go to any beach, it will be wiser to look up the guidelines and rules of the specific beach you have selected. You’ll realise that besides some beaches not allowing dogs, others allow them at specific times.

Do dog beaches have fences?

Some dog beaches have fences, but the majority don’t and so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your dog so that it doesn’t go beyond the designated area. Note that if your dog crosses the line to another beach that doesn’t allow pets, that could lead to a hefty fine.

Do dogs like the beach?

This depends entirely on the dog; some dogs see beaches as a great opportunity, whereas others fear beaches because they are hostile to water. However, just take your dog to the beach, and I’m sure it will find something to keep it entertained. 


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