The Best Dog Crates for Puppies: How to Start Crate Training Your Dog

If you have a dog, you’ll have to have a crate and train it on what time to use it. There’s a lot of precedences accruing from securing a quality safe space for your dog to rest, but for now, you need to know why you need the crate and how you’ll implement its use. However, when selecting a dog crate, you’ll need to be keen on the crate’s size, material, and purpose.  


Fortunately, this post will take you through all the nitty-gritty about why you need a dog crate and how you can train your dog to use it effectively. 

First, Know Why You Need A Dog Crate For?

  • Crate Priming: If you plan to implement straightforward priming at home, you’ll be best suited to get a metallic crate. They are effectively ventilated, durable, and can be covered easily using a blanket or a sheet.


  • Car transport: Sometimes, you only need a dog crate to secure your dog when you’re moving around or when you’re taking it to the vet, and so in that case, you’ll be best suited to secure a fabric or plastic crate as you can easily fit them into your car. 


  • Plane transport: You should secure a dog crate that suits plane traveling if your dog is a regular platinum flyer. You should only hire dog crates from airlines as they will be much cheaper and more suitable for you. Also, airlines have quality dog crates, and that’s an advantage. 

Best Dog Crate Material

Choosing the best dog crate mostly depends on the reason and purpose you need it. As you’ve seen above, you’ll need different crates for different situations, and so you need to know the details about each type of crate.  Read on to find out more.  


  • Fabric crates: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly crate, you’ll be best served to secure a fabric crate. Besides being budget-friendly, fabric crates are also easy to transport as they are light to carry. However, they can be destroyed easily, which raises questions about their authenticity. 


  • Plastic crates: Even though they are light, they are still more authentic. Dogs like plastic crates as they feel comfortable. They can crack or break depending on your dog’s total weight. The crate is adjusted, meaning you won’t use it when it grows. 


  • Metal crates: If you need a crate that will last for a long, then the metallic crate is the way to go. Metallic crates are great if your goal is to use them daily without having second thoughts about their durability. The best part is that metallic crates are adjustable and therefore if you buy them when you have a puppy, be sure you can still use them when it has grown.


Selecting the Suitable Sized Dog Crate

Choosing the right dog crate is essential as you don’t want your dog to be cramped when you select a small crate. Also, the crate doesn’t have to be too big to pee in one section and sleep on the other, which will make them lazy to toilet train. 


Your dog will need sufficient room to stand up and lay down comfortably in the crate to avoid discomfort. When you pick the right crate, you won’t have to change it as your puppy grows into an adult. When securing a puppy, you need to buy an adjustable crate. 

Additional Qualities to Look Out For

  • Collapsable: Having a crate is essential until they are heavy or take up a lot of space. When you’re going on a trip, you’ll need a crate that folds so that you don’t worry about space. Equally, you might also need a crate that folds at home so that when you think you don’t need it urgently, you can keep it safe in the store. 


  • Adjustable: Securing an adjustable crate is a game-changer if you want to use it for long. Generally, your dog will need different crates at certain times or when they grow, so having an adjustable crate will make things much more manageable. Similarly, adjustable crates are cheaper since you won’t have to replace them. 


  • Replaceable parts: Dogs’ crates often get naturally damaged, so it’s advisable to have backups such as treys and alternative methods such as switching from metal parts to plastics at suitable times. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is crate training?

Crate training or priming is the act of ensuring your dog gets comfortable being in a crate to have a rest or relax as you’re going on a trip. It’s a safe and comfortable way of getting your dog to follow routines and instructions. 

What is the best dog crate?

Securing a dog crate entirely depends on your situation or the purpose. Some of the factors for selecting the best crate might be size, dog breed or situation. One of the best dog crates includes Kmart’s folding crate. 

What size dog crate do I need?

The size of the dog crate you get will depend on the size of your dog. And if it’s a puppy, you’ll have to consider when it’s grown and needs more space. That being said, you’ll have to measure your dog so that you’re not disappointed when you get a crate. 


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