What’s the Deal with Subscription Dog Boxes?

A subscription box is a service that sends you boxes of toys, products, and treats for your dog every month. They are a top-rated product in America, and the market is gradually growing in Australia. The most popular brands are:

  • GoGetMe
  • Waggly Club
  • Pawfect Surprise
  • Olly’s Box
  • Ugly Box

These boxes are advertised everywhere: on podcasts, Instagram, Facebook, etc. They are subscription trends that are meant to change how people shop. 

They are an entertaining idea for anyone who wants to regularly give their dog a treat. 

How Do Subscription Boxes Work?

  • There is a massive range of different boxes available for subscription. They focus on cosmetics, wine, food, or pop culture. All of them work using similar concepts. 
  • You sign up and start receiving goodies regularly (could be every month, every three months, or every six months)
  • Every box will have a different product, but the theme will always be the same, e.g. Asian snack foods. 
  • The products in the box remain a surprise until you open the box. (that’s the whole point). 
  • The products are usually a good deal for your money. For instance, if you pay $60 every month for the subscription box, you might get products worth $150. 
  • A few companies return your money if you’re unhappy with your products. 

How About Subscription Dog Boxes?

Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular every year. This has caused the development of subscription boxes solely for pups. These boxes usually offer varieties of dog foods, treats, vouchers, accessories, or toys. 


Barkbox is the most popular service. It is a US-based subscription box company and is quite extensive, making annual revenues of up to AU$250 million. The idea has spread worldwide and is also available in Australia.

Here are some of the most popular local providers:

Waggly Club

They have provided subscription box services for quite some time and are very dedicated. They also have private treats. They offer some incredible discounts to people who subscribe to their sales. 


We’re fans of GoGetMe’s design approach.

The subscription box has unique packaging. Every monthly box comes with 5 to 7 items that are handpicked and tailored based on your pup’s size. These usually include two toys, chews, two treats, and a variety of doggy products. 


Their subscription boxes are themed toward events such as Easter and Christmas. They go for around $39 to $49 every month. 

Ugly Box

They provide unique products. They have a wide variety of exciting accessories and toys. They have increased focus on its Ugly box. The subscription boxes vary in preference and size. The starting price is $45 every month. 

Pawfect Surprise

They try their best to ensure that their customers and pets get what they want. The subscription box options come in a wide variety and are priced differently. When subscribing, they ask you questions that focus on your dog’s needs, likes, and dislikes. They ensure to match these tastes with the desired products. They also offer subscription boxes for cats. 


Their prices range from $39 to $69 every month. 

Olly’s Box

This was one of the first Australian brands that launched the subscription box. They provide the no.1 subscription box for dogs in Australia. Their box, however, is not the biggest as they tend to focus on the box’s quality a lot more. They also offer a birthday box once a year.


The products in their boxes are handpicked to be of the highest quality. They go for about $45 to $55 every month. 

BarkBox Subscription Dog Boxes

They are the most oversized subscription box providers.

Out of Interest, How do the Subscription Dog Box Locals Compare to Barkbox?

No local subscription box provider even comes close to one percent of BarkBox has achieved. They are based in the US, have a large population of interested dog owners to sell to, have a quick way of marketing their products, and have the funds to be as creative and innovative with toys as possible. 

One Note on Big Dogs

Subscription boxes are not catered toward large dogs. They are biased towards medium and small dog breeds. Big dogs wouldn’t like the dog treats and food samples. They are not worth the $40 plus for a big dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dog subscription boxes?

A subscription box is usually a service provided monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, or yearly. Boxes of various products, toys, and treats you have already subscribed to are sent to you regularly. 

How much do dog subscription boxes cost?

Their prices usually vary based on the type of product. The average price, however, is $30 every month. $50 a month is probably the highest price a subscription box has reached. 

Are dog subscription boxes worth it?

This is determined by your situation and your dog’s tastes. If you have a pup that chews through toys too quickly, subscription boxes are a clever way to keep them interested. The goodies in the boxes also come at discounted prices. 

What are the best dog subscription boxes in Australia?

  • GoGetMe
  • Waggly Club
  • Pawfect Surprise
  • Olly’s Box
  • Ugly Box

Why is BarkBox so popular?

Every monthly box has a chew, two toys, and two treats for your dog. BarkBox provides a unique and memorable experience to the dog owners as they treat their pup to something unique and special each month. Their products are themed and exclusive to them.

Is PupBox the same as BarkBox?

No, they are entirely different. PupBox is age-specific, while BarkBox is not. BarkBox instead has subscription boxes that are themed into a unique and fun experience for you and your pup. They also offer surprises for your dog’s birthday. However, their products are not age-specific or trained for the puppies but are puppy-appropriate still. 

Does Petco own BarkBox?

Petco acquired PupBox, a puppy subscription box service. Their products are customised and delivered to new puppies and owners. 


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