What Are Some of The Best DIY’s Hack You Should Know About Taking Good Care Of Dogs?


Every pet owner wishes to have a well-groomed dog. Brushing, bathing, nail clipping, and brushing your dog’s teeth are some of the routine tasks. Most people spend a lot of money to have these simple chores done. However, you can do them at home and still have a happy pet. More so, this gives you the chance to bond with our dog.

Below are dog DIY grooming ideas to help you out:

1. Fresh breath

If your dog suffers from bad breath and hates tooth brushing, put some toothpaste on a fluff brush, and have the dog lick it off. Most of the bacteria responsible for nasty smell are usually on the tongue. Also, incorporate parsley to the dog’s food; it’s laden with essential vitamins and can quickly get rid of stinky breath.

2. For the dog that hates to brush

Some dogs can’t tolerate it when you brush their teeth. If your pet is always hesitant to brush their teeth, press a little toothpaste onto a rope toy. This way, they can chew on the line happily while brushing their teeth unknowingly.

3. Use a Dremel for nail clipping

Some dogs hate it when you use regular nail clippers, for they exert some pressure on the nails, making the pet upset. Train your dog to accept a Dremel; it’s a great DIY dog grooming table.  But, remember to trim any long hair around the dog’s paws to prevent it from getting caught in the device.

More so, use a sanding drum and place your finger on it to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot. The tool will help you clip your dog’s nails with more ease. Use a dog grooming cradle for the best results.

4. Brushing and bathing

Brush the dog a few times weekly to make it a routine.  Instead of acquiring expensive shampoos, make your DIY pet products at home. You can use household items such as baking soda, vinegar, and dawn to make the dog’s shampoo. First brush to get rid of all the heavy dirt, putting the dog in a bath before brushing makes the bathwater messy.

 For pets with long fur, use a metal pin brush, for it goes through the hair quickly, extracting out dirt and grass. After all buying a vacuum can get complex and the pin brush reduces excessive shedding while eliminating any loose hair from your dog. As such, you won’t have to worry about the pet’s hair in your house.

However, a shedding blade will work excellently on a shorthaired dog. Get the pet used to regular brushing and do it when the dog is standing rather than lying down.

5. Cutting your dog’s hair

Once your dog is bathed and brushed, and you want to give them a trim. Be careful with the scissors; use professional shears or clippers. Also, have a grooming table, and this ensures that your dog is well-secured during the hair cut. 

Always begin when the pet is clean and dry and only use the tips of sharpened shears to clip the hair on the face, feet, and tail. This way, it will be unlikely to cut your dog if it flicks. For the ears, ensure that you have your other hand on the edges; by so doing, you’ll know where to cut the hair and not hurt your dog. If your pet’s fur is mattered up, never use scissors, but instead use DIY dog grooming clippers.   


There are different DIY dog grooming ideas for taking care of your dog. When you learn to practice some of the essential grooming tips at home, this allows you to bond more with your pet. Therefore, brush your dog’s teeth; clean them regularly with the above simple ideas.

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