Dry or Wet Pet Foods: Which food is best for your pet?

Choosing the best foods for your dog is a paramount activity that can often be overwhelming. The fact that the dog foods come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and brands do not make the process any easier. The major concern, however, should be to get foods that add nutritional value to your dog the most. You want to ensure that your log does not become underweight because of the choice of food you bring home.

In that light, you need to understand the difference between wet and dry dog foods. Understanding this is the first step for you to decide which one is best suited for your dog.

The difference between dry and wet dog food

Dry dog food

Dry dog food comes in different packaging. It can be identified in its form. It comes either as a biscuit or kibble. It is called dry food because it does not contain water. Depending on the brand of food you buy, the shape and size of the dry dog food vary. In most cases, the shape is round. However, some manufacturers prefer their kibbles fish-shaped, heart-shaped, or cubed. 

Most of the dry dog foods have more carbohydrates in them, including the best dry dog food 2019If you check the ingredients, often, carbs will be the first on the list. Other than that, some other ingredients present in dry dog food include fiber, amino acids, fats, and meat meals. However, these ingredients are usually ground and mixed into the dough that makes the food.

Advantages of dry dog food

  1. Economical – dry food is less expensive as compared to wet dog food
  2. More energy levels – dry dog food is packed with carbohydrates and proteins, which are all fantastic when it comes to an energy boost.
  3. Convenience – dry dog food is easy to store and better for traveling.
  4. Longevity – dry dog food does not easily go bad even when left out
  5. Great for dental care – the texture of dry dog food is hard. This makes it perfect for cleaning out your dog’s teeth.

Wet dog food

Wet dog foods contain up to 85% water in them. The water is mixed with dry ingredients to create the meal. They are usually stored in cans. Thanks to the high water percentage, wet dog foods weigh more than typical dry dog food of an equivalent amount. Most wet dog foods are expensive as compared to dry dog foods. The reason is that they need to be canned when packaging. Further, the weight is higher, which means the transportation costs are higher than those of dry dog food.

Advantages of wet dog food

  1. Rich in proteins – wet dog foods are very rich in healthy proteins for dogs
  2. Taste better – in comparison to dry foods, wet dog food taste better. This can be explained by the presence of more proteins and fats than in dry foods.  
  3. Keeps the dog hydrated – the water content of wet dog food helps keep a dog hydrated at all times
  4. Healthier hair and skin – because of sufficient proteins in the food, wet foods allow for healthier hair and skin in dogs
  5. Muscle gain – proteins are necessary for muscle gain

Which food is better?

Both foods are great for your dog. However, depending on what you want to achieve with your meal plans, you can choose the type of food that helps you get there quicker. Comparably, dry dog food is better for most dog owners. It is not only convenient but also affordable. Besides, most of the benefits of wet dog foods can be substituted or complemented with dry dog food.

If you decide to go with dry dog food, be sure to give your dog water afterward. You can even choose to mix dry and wet dog food every once in a while.

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