Male & Femal Doggie Diapers Reviews: Preventing Any Little Mishaps!

Doggie diapers are very much like the human version of a diaper except with one small difference, they are specially designed to fit the anatomy of a dog.

Dog diapers consist of the basic parts of any regular diaper like an exterior covering, interior layer, padding, some straps, tapes; but also come with a hole for the tail. The structure of a dog’s diaper varies from a female to that of a male but they, more or less, are virtually the same thing.

Dog diapers also primarily used for dogs with various medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance, urinal incontinence, physical abnormalities, or the inability to control the bladder. It is also very helpful for female dogs in general since they go in heat from time to time and experience menstruation occasionally. Young puppies that have yet to be taught to eliminate properly can benefit from dog diapers, too. The same goes for elderly dogs who have grown weaker and may have lost the ability to control their bladder.

Some pet owners may prefer to use human diapers for their pets since it is generally cheaper and more convenient. However, buying a dog diaper is very much worth the additional cost since they provide protection specifically made to suit the needs of your pet. Not only that, buy you can save time and energy since you don’t need to add tape, pins, cut holes, and adjust it according to your dog’s proportions..Perfect!

Why use dog diapers?

• Urinary Incontinence – this is the inability to control the urge to urinate. It is caused by bacterial infections, diabetes, urinary tract infection, bladder problems, or a weakened urinary sphincter. If you’ve noticed that your dog pees or defecates in random places even though they hadn’t done that in a long time, it is time to get him/her checked by the veterinarian.

Have the doctor confirm if it is a behavioral issue or a serious medical problem. If your dog is suffering from an illness, then, surgery or medications may be needed, and a dog diaper won’t serve as a complete solution. However, it can help post-surgery since the dog is in the process of recovery and may be too weak to eliminate wastes properly.

• Female Dogs – if your female dog is not spayed yet, expect that there will be periods of her going into heat and menstruating from time to time.

Having a dog diaper on means that it will prevent her from constantly licking and spreading pheromones all over the place. It isn’t used as a form of canine contraception, however, it can definitely discourage her from attracting male dogs and mating. It can also collect vaginal discharges and blood whenever she is menstruating; this will help keep furniture and rugs clean.

• Elderly Dogs/Dogs affected by Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) – because of old age, elderly dogs may lose control of bodily functions and, in some cases, forget how to eliminate wastes properly. Their muscles become weak and memory loss is prevalent. Same as with old people, putting them in a diaper will help ease their suffering and struggles. It will also lessen scolding, which can negatively affect them after accidentally peeing in the wrong place.

• Training purposes – a puppy won’t know how to eliminate wastes properly because of their young age. If you, as an owner, feel concern for the upholstery and furniture in the house, then having a puppy wear a doggie diaper will help keep it clean and avoid messes. Be sure to train him/her where and when to defecate/pee properly and use positive reinforcement to ensure that they will learn the process soon enough. Dog diapers can be a great alternative to having to potty train your pet.

As this guide has already outlined, there a number of benefits to using dog diapers and puppy pads to train and raise your pet properly. If you’re still unsure on the advantages of this type of product the below benefits should help you make the right choice for your dog:

• Prevents carpet, floor, furniture, and upholstery from being soiled.
• Can aid in house training temporarily.
• Prevent unwanted mating.
• Collect menstrual discharge and blood from menstruating females.
• Prevent male dogs from “marking” certain spots of the house.
• Help dogs recovering from surgery and are unable to go outside.
• Great for short-term situations like travels, visits, plane trips, and hotel stays.

What are the different types of diapers available for your dog?


These diapers are said to be environment-friendly since they are reused instead of being thrown away. Because it is made of cloth and fabric, its initial cost is slightly higher than that of a disposable diaper’s. However, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run since you don’t have to keep worrying about your diaper supply becoming empty.

Washable dog diapers also come in various colors and patterns. You should be able to pick one according to your preference. The only issue of using this type of diaper is that others may find it unpleasant to constantly wash the cloth whenever it gets soiled.


These type of diapers are easy to use, convenient, and good for short time usage. The material it’s made of is highly-absorbent but not waterproof or washable. It is naturally discarded and thrown away after the first time it gets soiled.

Disposable diapers are less pricey at the beginning, however, costs may add up over time and turn out to be more expensive than initially expected. A negative effect of using these doggie diapers is that it is toxic to the environment since it contains components that take a long time to decompose. The only time you’d consider using these diapers is if you’d only use it for a few times.

Belly Band

These are lightweight cloth-wraps that go around the midsection and cover the crotch area. Belly bands have an outer covering which can be lined with absorbent liners, baby diapers, or sanitary napkins. It depends on the owner with what to use as the exterior shell. Since it is lightweight, belly bands are perfect for traveling.

Full Diapers

Are baby diapers which were adjusted and cut to fit the proportions of a dog. They generally have an extra layer of padding and is quite thick compared to other types. Owners who are do-it-yourself enthusiasts would like to use this as a cheaper alternative.
How to use a dog diaper?

How to Measure Your Dog for Dog Diapers

For female dogs:

1. Measure the dog at the narrowest point around the waist.
2. Measure the top of the tail’s base along the back to the waistline.
3. Measure the bottom of the tail from underneath to waistline.
4. Check the size chart and see which one matches your dog’s size.

For male dogs:

1. Measure far enough along the back until you’re sure the crotch area is covered.
2. Check the size chart and see which one matches your dog’s size.

Tip: If your dog is in between sizes, the best way to get the perfect match is to either go up a size if your dog is heavy, or go down a size if your dog is skinny.

Getting a secure fit and how to put the doggie diaper on

1. With the tabs underneath and padding facing in, slip the hole of the diaper over the dog’s tail.
2. Position diaper between back legs and keep it snug against underbelly.
3. Secure adjustable tabs on top position of the diaper.

After measuring your dog accurately, getting the correct diaper size, and helping him/her put it on, here are some tips to ensure that you, as an owner, make the most out of the product:

• Be sure to take your pet to the veterinarian first and have it checked in case a serious medical condition arises. Putting your dog in a diaper won’t cure it from its illness thus, it would be better to let it receive a proper medical attention.

• Be sure to change the diaper frequently whenever it is soiled. Bacteria thrive in moisture and keeping it on for a long time will increase the risk of your dog acquiring infections. This will also prevent diaper rash, burning, itching, and skin allergies.

• It is advisable to use non-scented baby wipes to clean your dog.

• Wear gloves when changing diapers to avoid contact with urine or fecal matter.

• Clip the fur around the anus to make cleanup easier and faster.

• If your dog has no tail or has a docked tail, cover the hole with tape to prevent a leakage from happening.

• If your dog seems to reject diapers when putting it on, reward him/her with treats and apply positive reinforcement to encourage it to wear dog diapers.

Best Dog Diaper Product Reviews

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Grade: A+

Wegreeco ensures that the products it makes are environment-friendly and reduces the amount of trash each family produces. These reusable diapers come in cheerful colors and nature patterns, which look stylish on any dog. It’s specially made for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs who suffer from urination incontinence or excitement urination.

It has a Velcro Fastening System that makes it really easy to adjust and keeps the diaper in place. The super absorbent pads inside the interior shell can hold liquid up to 7 times its weight while preventing skin irritation. There’s also a waterproof exterior shell that prevents leakage. We like how soft and comfortable the fabric feels.

What makes it stand out from the rest is the elastic tail hole integrated on the diaper’s exterior covering. This means that the tail hole can be adjusted to fit the tail’s shape and size.

Wegreeco products are non-toxic, food-safe, and contain no heavy metals. Owners can rest easy knowing that these diapers contain no harmful chemicals.

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers

Grade: A+

Like their female counterpart, Wegreeco Washable Male Diapers are economical, environment-friendly, and helps reduce daily care work. These diapers are specially made to fit the anatomy of a male dog. It can also be beneficial to elderly dogs with age-related urinary incontinence and/or leakage problems. These reusable diapers prevent accidents from turning into messes.

It includes a strong Velcro Closure and fastener that is quick and easy to secure. These adjustable straps keep the diaper in place and won’t stick to the dog’s fur. The pad sewn right into it is made of high quality mesh-lined fabric. It is also fully waterproof which prevents leaks and damage to rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs, and sofas.

The exterior fabric is also 100% waterproof and made of silky, soft material. Dogs tend to reject “crinkly” texture as they find it irritating, however, opting for the kind of fabric Wegreeco Diapers have will allow them comfort. There are also elastic bands, which help it stay in place while the dog moves around.

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper

Grade: A

Simple Solution ensures that they use maximum no-leak protection for their diapers. It is specially made for female dogs 8 lbs. – 15 lbs. who are in heat and suffer from urinary incontinence. The sizes available for this brand are limited and fit for small to medium-sized dogs only.

Simple Solution Diapers are disposable, absorb wetness, and eliminate messes with comfort. Fur-friendly fasteners are added to ensure messes won’t escape and won’t stick to fur. It’s also adjustable and keeps the diaper in place. A comfortable leg fit and breathable interior material keep the dog feeling comfortable while absorbing heavy wetness. To maximize no-leak protection, Simple Solution Disposable Liners should be used along with the diapers. This will help keep the skin smooth and dry.

There’s also an elastic tail hole that can be adjusted to fit tail size and shape. If your dog has no tail or has a docked tail, it’s better to tape the hole and cover it instead.

Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

Grade: A-

Pet Magasin ensures the products they use are economical, reusable, machine-washable, environment-friendly, and budget-friendly. The company also provides a 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.

Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers come in vibrant, cheerful colors, which are sure to make any pet look stylish and cute. It’s specially designed for female dogs in heat, untrained puppies, and dogs suffering from urinary incontinence. These diapers are quick and easy to put on because of it’s wrap-around design. Pets also enjoy the sleek, soft fabric it has compared to other diapers with a “crinkly” texture. The wraps are secured with a big Velcro Closure and elasticized hems that keep the diaper in place while the dog moves around.

The waterproof outer layer prevents leaks and secures the diaper properly. The interior is made of a super-absorbent fabric guaranteed to absorb wetness and dries it quickly; this is a good choice for those who want their dogs safe from bacterial infections.

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Wrap

Vet's Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Wrap

Grade: A

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Wrap is specially designed for male dogs 18-23.5 inches in waist that have problems with urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and male marking. This brand comes with a special wetness indicator that lets you know when to change your dog’s diaper. This is incredibly convenient and allows maximum protection for your dog against bacteria.

These disposable diapers come in a Comfort-Fit Wrap with fur-safe fasteners to ensure a quick, easy fit. An adjustable closure is added for owners to re-position the wrap in a way that will cover the crotch area entirely. For the best fit, pull the big Velcro strap around the waist and secure it around Vet’s Best logo area. The strap can also be tightened or loosened around the waist.

The adjustable legs and super-absorbent fabric make sure that no leaks go through and wetness dries up quickly. All in all, Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Wrap gives maximum protection that allows ability for motion and movement.

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