What Dog Crate is Right for Your Pet

A German Shepherd puppy in its crate

There a number a reasons why pet owners may turn to dog crates. Disobedience and misbehavior is by far the most common reason for the purchase of dog crates and the following guide will look to cover everything you need to know before buying a crate for your pet.

What are Dog Crates?

A dog crate quite simply is a metallic, plastic, wire or fabric enclosure with an easy access, opening and shutting entry used for transportation, security or comfort for your dog. Dog crates are planned to resemble a dog’s raw den and thus provide them with asylum while at home or when moving from one place to another.

Dog crates can be particularly beneficial if your dog often likes to create an area of their own. With a crate you not only provide a safe place for your dog to retreat to when stressed or tired but you can also benefit by allowing them to do so to avoid misbehaving and getting up to mischief as all dogs do at times!

The type of dog crate you choose for your pet will depend largely on two key factors:

  • The size of your dog
  • Your dog’s overall temperament

The size of your dog is obviously a factor due to the different sized crates available. Some crates are made with large dogs in mind wherever if you have a small lap pup an over sized dog crate may just take up unnecessary room in your house.

The second factor is temperament, dog crates in no way should unnerve your dog and training from a young age can avoid any negative associates with a crate. Your dog should never feel forced into using their crate, and should naturally want to retreat to their crate either when tired for bedtime or when it need of some of their own space.

The weight of your dog, which will often go hand in hand with the size of your pet should often be considered if you will be using the crate for transporting your pet.

Different Types of Dog Crates

Just as dog crates have so many functions, and can often be used for a number of reasons there are a number of different types of dog crates varying in size, cost and durability.

To help you find the best dog crate for your pet we have broken the different types down below, looking at the differences and benefits of each.

Wire Crates –  Wire crates are the most popular type of dog crate and a great option for all breed of dog. One of the biggest benefits of wire crates is the ventilation they offer by being so open, meaning your dog will not feel contained and that you can also check what your pet is up to at all times.

Wire crates also allow your dog to see what’s going on around them, meaning they are more comfortable particularly when being moved or transported to new surroundings. One of the drawbacks of wire dog crates is that they can often be quite heavy although all good models are usually collapsible for easy transportation if needed.

Soft Sided Crates – These dog crates can be folded with ease and are relatively light making them perfect for transportation. Soft crates are not suitable for conveyance although it gives the dog high security and efficient airflow. However, it is not suitable for dogs who chew up or destroy furniture as the soft nature of the crates will be a welcome sight for a dog looking for a new target to chew.

Commonly used for travel, the soft nature of this type of crate makes them ideal for this job and will allow your pet to remain comfortable at all times. Usually suited to smaller dogs, soft sided crates also normally contain a mesh screen allowing you to easily check on your pet and for them to see what’s going on around them.

Plastic Crates – Plastic crates have the added benefit of being airline approved dog crates and are usually the safest and most convenient type of dog crate for flying. The enclosed nature of plastic crates make them more suitable for dogs who prefer to have their own space and not see what is happening around them.

A general drawback of plastic dog crates is that they cannot be folded as easily for storage, meaning they do consume more space than other options.

Aluminium Crates – Aluminium dog crates are light, very firm and cannot rust. They also offer good ventilation for dogs, keeping temperatures down in hot and humid climates and can usually be folded and fixed easily.

Aluminum crates are usually be equipped with bars that protect dogs while also still offering a good field of visibility.

Dog Tents – Dog tents are similar to soft sided crates but can also be folded and compressed down to even smaller sizing. They are also usually lighter than soft crates, allowing dog owners to store them in tent bags or suitcases easily. However, dog tents are not great for car travel as they aren’t as durable as some of the other types of dog crates available on this list.

Crash Tested Steel Crates – These types of dog crate are made purposely to be used in hatchbacks for pet vehicle transport. They are equipped with special crumple partitions designed to work with a vehicle’s crumple zones and minimize the impact of an accident, however unfortunately they are not designed to be used in airplanes.

Fashion Dog Crates – These crates are wooden and fashion forward. Destructive dogs cannot be kept or transported in this crate because of their wooden nature. They are properly ventilated and water proof.

Importance and Benefits of Dog Crates

As already outlined above, dog crates help provider a solution to a number of problems that may be causing pet owners stress. This include preventing the destructive nature of your untrained dog, helping to keep furniture in one piece and visitors safe from too much hassle.

Dog crates also help in the training of your pet as well as making transportation easier. You can also keep your dog safe and secure in a crate if no one is around to supervise at any time.

Dog crates also provide comfort for your dog because a dog crate resembles a dog’s natural den. If a dog is sick, the best place to rest is a dog’s crate because it is a quiet place and somewhere they will naturally begin to find comfortable with time, as long as you have chosen the best size and style for your dog. In addition, dog crates help to modify a dog’s behavior. Therefore, dog crates are very crucial for dog owners and dogs themselves as they enhance dog’s safety and security and reduce owner’s stress and anxiety.

Top 5 Best Dog Crate Reviews

1. Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate – Small

Midwest iCrate Folding Small Metal Dog Crate

Grade: A+

Constructed by Midwest homes for pets this dog crate is an all inclusive icrate with double doors. It is made of durable metal making it suitable for dogs with a slightly destructive nature and it can be also folded down when it is not needed to save space.

The Midwest iCrate has the following dimensions: length 36 inches, width 23 inches and height 25 inches. It is equipped with a free divider panel and a firm carrying handle. It also includes a plastic pan which acts layer of protection against any unwanted accidents or leaks. In addition, it has rubber feet which protect floors and two bolt latches which help securely lock the double doors included.

2. Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate – Large

Midwest iCrate Folding Large Metal Dog Crate

Grade: A+

The second product in this round up from Midwest, this dog crate is designed with larger dogs in mind and comes with the following dimensions: a length of 42 inches, width of 28 inches and a height of 30 inches.

It is made of metal and can easily making it also ideal for storing away when not needed. The metallic nature of this crate means that it is long lasting as well as being suitable for dogs with a habit of chewing on softer materials.

This crate is also equipped with a free divider panel and a firm handle making it easy to carry as well. As well as the smaller crate above it contains a plastic pan which prevents water from leaking and rubber feet to protect floors.

3. Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Grade: A

This dog crate is made of sturdy metal with one entry at the front side of the crate thus effective for destructive dogs and also provides safety and security with excess space.

It is also equipped with two bolts door latches to increase security and can be easily folded flat.

The reliable nature of the product makes it ideal for dog owners who’s pets are prone to destroying furniture, offering convenience, safety and security.

4. NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor

NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor and Outdoor Dog Crate

Grade: A-

The most expensive dog crate on this list, the Nox2Noz dog crate comes in a stylish sage green in color with three doors placed at the face, top and side making it easy for your dog to enter and exit as well as providing easy access if needed at any time.

The crate is fitted with a firm steel frame and very strong duty zippers which enhances safety and security for the dog inside. It is properly ventilated offering the comfort of circulated air and although priced higher than other options here is long lasting.

5. Petnation port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/outdoor

Petnation port-A-Crate E2 Indoor & Outdoor Pet Crate

Grade: B+

The Pernation E2 is another soft sided dog crate offering a very light and highly portable option for those of us with pets who still like to travel. It is fitted with firm steel frame therefore it cannot easily broke and lasts for a very long time. The steel frame also provides security and safety for the dog because of its firmness, meaning you don’t have to worry about any discomfort for your pet in transport.

It is also equipped with firmly weaved mesh and designed to carry pets approximately 70 pounds. It can be washed easily and the stylish design means it is not out of place either indoors or out in your garden. This crate is 36 inches in in length, well-ventilated and highly comfortable.

Round Up

So there you have our 2018 update for the best dog crates currently available. As already covered, to find the ideal dog create for pet means a number of considerations, including size and type needed and obviously budget. We hope you managed to find a crate that is ideal for your needs however if you have any recommendations or suggestions that you didn’t find above please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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