6 Most High Maintenance Dog Breeds

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This review guide was updated in February 2019.

Although the majority of dog breeds require a lot of attention, some dog breeds require far more and give a whole new meaning to the word “high-maintenance”. This doesn’t always mean that they are difficult pets to have, as a responsible owner, you should have an influence over their level of independence and their behavior.

If you’re looking to buy a dog or looking at pets for adoption, then you should do your research first on what suitable dog breed would suit you and your family.

Listed below are the top 6 most high-maintenance dog breeds:


The Akita is incredibly intelligent and faithful, but there is a slight downside to this as well, in that they’re also extremely overprotective and willful. Whilst, this may not seem an issue to a potential owner of this dog breed, this will become a problem should the dog not receive the correct training and they then become the dominant one in the family.

The Japanese Akita knows exactly what they want and they know how to get it. Any potential owner needs to understand how the pack works so they can easily train and handle this dog breed and be consumed to their dominating behavior.

English Bulldog

This dog breed can be described as a man’s best friend; this also means that they become very attached to their companion and will want to spend every minute of every day with them.

You should never ignore your English Bulldog as they’re not terribly good at forgiving if you pay no attention to them. They’re also very stubborn and can be hard to train and housebreak even with the help of their favorite treats! This dog breed (as beautiful as they are) are not for first-time owners.

English Bulldogs’ can also be prone to various health issues such as allergies, heat strokes, mast cell tumors and bad eyesight. This meaning that you may end up spending a lot of money on vet bills.


The Poodle is better known for their luxurious coat and high intellect!

They are one of the most easily trainable dog breeds that thrive on being successful and pleasing their owner. They’re very dependent on their owners and don’t really like spending much time alone; this can be hard if you’re out at work most of the day.

Border Collie

The Border Collie was bred to be a hard-working dog breed. They’re an intelligent dog breed and extremely active. This dog breed would not suit an owner who doesn’t like lots of physical exercises and spending time outdoors.

As they’re a dominant breed, you must ensure that through training is giving to prevent them from becoming destructive and aggressive.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a lovable companion dog that requires your undivided attention and love at all times. They are stunning as pups and extremely cute and very giving. They are ideal for stay at home parents or those that work from home.

If you have a busy lifestyle, then this breed will not be suitable as they do require a lot of attention and if it’s not given, they are known for becoming very naughty and developed small dog’s syndrome.

Yorkshire Terrier

One of the biggest issues with small breeds is that owners tend to treat them like playthings, which is a massive mistake when raising a dog.

If this dog breed is not socialized and trained properly from a young age, they then go on to develop lots of behavioral issues, such as over protection of their owners, aggression, and hostility towards other dogs. Their coat can be costly to up-keep as it requires a lot of maintenance.

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