What is a Dog Treadmill?

dog treadmill, simply put, is a treadmill designed especially for pets.

They come in a variety of sizes, some being built for smaller dogs while others are designed for the use of bigger dog breeds.

Treadmills for dogs have a number of modifications setting them apart from traditional treadmills designed for humans, and these amendments include side rails at the height of the dog they are designed for, as well as being far quieter than the normal gym treadmill.

These products are often marketed as a form of a treadmill and also as a treadwheel (something like the wheel for hamsters but only bigger).

Just like treadmills for humans, dog treadmills allow your beloved canine pets to exercise indoors. This is especially useful if the weather conditions outside aren’t suitable for some outdoor frenzying or your local environment just isn’t safe enough for walks at certain times.

Because of this dog treadmills (or tread wheels) were designed for pet owners who want to help keep their pet in shape but can’t always exercise outdoors.

However, we never advise that treadmills be used as a complete substitute for allowing your dog to spend time outdoors.

At Pet Search we always recommend you offer your dog suitable opportunities to walk and run outdoors while using treadmills alongside these walks to keep your pet fit and healthy.

There is just no real alternative to the sights and smells your dog will experience on a walk through the woods, and that can be vital to your dog’s mental as well as physical health.

However with that in mind what about the times when walking outside just aren’t possible, then that is where a treadmill is an excellent alternative…

So let’s say it’s raining cats and dogs outside (pun intended!), you have a dog that’s full of energy, and it’s all pumped up and excited; what do you do?

You don’t want that dog to bottle up all that excitement inside, right?

The solution is to allow your pet to blow off some steam. And that is where a doggie treadmill is an excellent piece of equipment to have at home.

Not only that but we expect dog treadmills to continue to grow in popularity. It was reported back in 2010 that around 3 million dogs in the U.S. were using these devices and it is likely this number has grown massively in the period since then.


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