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At Pet Search we pride ourselves on offering the best in-depth, up to date information that can help pet owners make the right decisions for their lovable friend. With our many years spent in the dog grooming industry we know just how hard it can be for owners to know which products to buy or how to care for their pet in the correct ways.

This is particularly true if you have only recently adopted or become a dog owner for the first time and this site was set up to help you find the right information as quickly as possible.

Below you can quickly navigate through our many dog grooming guides which we have split into review articles and how to guides so can find exactly what you’re looking for.

In each article listed, we have tried to break down the topic at hand in an easy to understand manner that you can scan quickly or can sit and read through at your own pace. Whatever way you find easiest to take in information. Some of the topics also included step by step guides to help you manage the process of keeping your dog as well groomed as possible and if you have any questions at all about anything you read in any of our guides please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Find the best shampoo products for your pet

One of the most common questions we get asked as professional dog groomers are how can you tell, as a dog owner which shampoo products is right for your pet. This is a perfectly understandable question, with so much choice and variation on the market it is easy to see how dog owners become confused even when making the most basic of purchasing decisions, such as which is the best smelling dog shampoo.

This is obviously down to personal preference, but a number of other factors should also be considered such as your budget and how your dog reacts to the product. These buying factors plus a whole lot more are broken down into each guide listed below:

Instructional Step by Step Guides

Once you have picked out the best shampoo product for your pet (as you can see above, there is a huge range of choice!) it is now time to make sure you’re grooming your pet correctly. The following guides all cover one area of dog grooming in detail and offer tips and step by step instructions on how best to groom your pet.

Other Grooming Advice & Product Reviews

The last group of guides covered in within our dog grooming category cover some more product review articles, such as the best brush for your dog as well as other information articles such as why exactly dog dogs hate baths? We hope these continue to answer any questions you may have and each was written to cover enough detail without reducing you to pure boredom!

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